Since its launch, the Hilux has sold over 17.7 million units globally.

Toyota’s Hilux has always been at the top of a shortlist of pickups for many Filipinos due to its reliability, cost of ownership, and solid performance. The Toyota Hilux has served many as an everyday workhorse and practical hauler, so much so, that Toyota has kept the nameplate for 8 generations now.

This March also happens to be the month that the Hilux was introduced 50 years ago in 1968, and Toyota Motors has recently launched a commemorative website for the 50 year milestone of their long-standing pickup truck.

The 8th generation Hilux we all know now is a far cry from the first ever Hilux to roll off the assembly line at Hino Motors, Ltd. in Hamura, Japan. Yes, the 1st generation Hilux in 1968 was conceived by Toyota, but was developed and manufactured by Hino. At the time, the Hilux was powered by a 1.5-liter 69hp engine shared with the Toyoace, and mated to a 4-speed manual with a column shifter. It adopted a seperate frame construction with double wishbone front suspension and a rigid axle rear suspension setup. It was limited to carrying 3 people and had a payload capacity of 1,000kg with cargo bed that was 1,850mm long.

From the volcanic wilderness of Iceland, to the dry and desolate desert of the middle east, to the urban sprawl of cities all over the world, the Toyota Hilux will be sticking around for quite some time.

Learn about its history, owner’s testimonials, and the thoughts of Toyota executives and designers about it at the Hilux 50th Anniversary Special Website.

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