Toyota Altis 5-star safety rating

The 12th generation of the Toyota Corolla Altis gets a 5-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating. This continues where the previous generation left off coming in with the same 5-star safety rating. The variant of the popular Japanese sedan that was tested was the 1.6 G. The G variant is considered to be the middle variant in the lineup. Despite this, it was still able to score high.

To understand how and why the Japanese sedan did so well here is a quick breakdown of its score. The ASEAN NCAP bases its score on three major categories the first is Adult Occupancy Protection (AOP). It accounts for 50% of the final safety rating of the vehicle. Next is the Child Occupancy Protection (COP) category. This category accounts for 25% of the final safety rating. The last category is Safety Assist  (SA) which also accounts for 25% of the final score.

Toyota Altis exterior road test review

AOP comes with a maximum possible score of 36 points. The 36 points are further broken down in three other subcategories that come in the form of two different crash tests and safety feature evaluation. The first is the Offset Frontal Test (OFT). The next test is the Side Impact Test (SIT). The final test is for Head Protection Technology (HPT). The Japanese sedan was able to score 13.80 points for  OFT, 15.91 points for SIT, and 4 for HPT. This brings the total score it 33.71 points giving it a perfect score in AOP.

Toyota Corolla Altis back seat road test

For COP the vehicle was able to score 43.80 points. The COP category is subdivided into three categories with each totaling to 49-points. The Corolla Altis did well in terms of the dynamic test getting a perfect score of 24 points. For vehicle-based assessments, the Japanese sedan was able to get 9 points out of a possible 13. For the child safety restraint/child seat installation the sedan was able to get 10 out of a possible 12 points.

Toyota Altis active safety features

For the final major category, Safety Assist, the Corolla Altis was able to score a total of 13.89 points. The highest possible score to get in this major category is 18 points. SA is further broken down into four categories. The first is Effective Braking and Avoidance  (EBA) coming in with a value of 8-points. Second, on the list is Seatbelt Reminders (SR) coming in with a value of 6-points. Third is Blind Spot Technology (BST) coming in with a value of 2-points. The last of the four categories is Advanced Safety Assist Technologies (ASAT) coming in with a value of 2-points. The Japanese sedan scored a perfect 8-points for EBA, 3.17 points for SR, 0.72 points for BST, and 2 points for ASAT.

With the popular Japanese sedan scoring 46.82 points in AOP, 22.35 points in COP, and 19.29 points in Safety Assist it’s not hard to see how Toyota prioritized safety for the vehicle, making the Corolla Altis one of the safest nameplates in the ASEAN region today.

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