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Due to the enhanced community quarantine that has been put on the National Capital Region, car companies have had to shut down their dealerships. Some brands have opted to only close their Luzon based dealerships while others have decided to temporarily close down all dealerships. The shutdown is for the health and safety of the public. With that in mind, these car companies have understood that with the quarantine in place certain services like car maintenance and finance services will understandably take a hit.

Toyota financial announcement

In these difficult times, Toyota Motor Philippines has decided to give out a helping hand. The Japanese brand will be giving out a 30-day payment extension to all qualified accounts. Those that are eligible will be notified by the brand through a text in the coming days. If you still want to settle your monthly amortizations on its original due dates you can still opt to do so. If you want to know more about the payment extension you can contact Toyota at feedback@toyotafinancial.ph

The Japanese brand has also recently announced that it will be also temporarily closing down its dealer network in covered areas will be temporarily closed until further notice. The Japanese brand understands that during the quarantine period movement in and around Metro Manila will be severely limited. With this in mind, the Japanse brand is doing its best to help its customer base during these trying times. TMP’s president Hiro Okamoto states that “ We, at Toyota, salute our health care works, police, and armed forces for putting their lives on the line for the good of all.” Okamoto continues by stating that he and the brand sincerely hope for the fast recovery of those affected and the full eradication of this pandemic. He and TMP wish for you to stay safe, healthy, and strong during these trying times.

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