Toyota Philippines new president Atsuhiro Okamoto

Toyota Motor Philippine Corporation (TMP) introduced Atsuhiro Okamoto to the public as its new president during a formal ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Manila. This event was witnessed by members of the business community and by the media. The formal introduction also highlighted the company's success over the past four years under the leadership of the outgoing president Satoru Suzuki. With record-breaking achievements under its belt from the past years, Toyota also showcased how it will transform into a mobility company. The ultimate goal for the Japanese brand was to help people with their daily lives with mobility solutions.

out going president Satoru Suzuki

Outgoing president Satoru Suzuki left the company on a high note with TMP achieving record-breaking numbers during his term. The Japanese brand was able to get a 39.5% of the market share and win its 18th consecutive triple crown by the end of 2019. The company’s business also grew thanks to the introduction of new Toyota models and through the expansion of its distribution network nationwide. It also introduced an additional 23 dealerships to better serve the needs of the market. In his farewell speech Suzuki gave thanks to Toyota customers who give their trust in the brand by stating that “You are the reason for Toyota’s passion to be always better.”

Toyota motor philippines chairman alfred ty

As part of the event, TMP chairman Alfred V. Ty thank the stakeholders for their 30 years of support for the company’s business in the Philippines. Ty also emphasized the brand’s sustained commitment to nation-building, especially through local automotive manufacturing. He further states that because of the public’s unwavering support and friendship, Toyota has been able to remain true to its promise of service to the Filipino and the Philippine nation. He continues by saying that TMP’s investments under the Philippine government’s Comprehensive Automotive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) Program, was able to reach 5.42 Billion pesos. The investments were able to advance the transfer of technology, generated employment options for Filipinos, and enhanced skills development. He also thanked the government for the CARS program as it was able to give Toyota a role in helping enhance the country’s industrial and manufacturing capabilities.

New president Atsuhiro Okamoto

Toyota Motor Philippines’ new president Atsuhiro Okamoto takes the lead but brings with him a wealth of experience. He is a graduate of Keio University and started his career with the Japanese brand back in 1992. Through his years of work with the company he gained a rich marketing experience, handling the Toyota and Lexus brands over the past 28 years. Before becoming the president of TMP, Okamoto’s previous assignment was the executive vice president of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific. Through this assignment he was able to get a better understanding of the ASEAN market and the Philippines.

As TMP’s new president, I would like to reiterate to all TMP Team Members, dealers and suppliers alike, the importance of dedicating our work to contribute to society. We will continuously do so by providing ever better cars and services to enhance the quality of life of Filipinos.

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