Skyway Stage 3 TRB

The Toll Regulatory Board (TRB), has given provisional approval to San Miguel Corporation (SMC) for the toll fees for Skyway Stage 3. The approval was announced on Thursday, March 25, for the Skyway that connects the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

Prices for the toll fees start at P30 and top out at P264 for class 1 vehicles end-to-end. The amounts are close to the proposed fees back in January, with just a P5 difference. 

Buendia to Santa Mesa (Phase 1) 

  • Class 1: P105
  • Class 2: P210 
  • Class 3 P315 

Santa Mesa to Ramon Magsaysay 

  • Class 1: P30
  • Class 2: P60
  • Class 3: P90 

Ramon Magsaysay to NLEX Balintawak (Phase 2) 

  • Class 1: P129
  • Class 2: P258 
  • Class 3: P387
Ang provisional rates po kasi, ang ibig sabihin niyan ay hindi pa final at pwede pa ’yang magbago. For the meantime, ito muna yung rates na pwede nilang kolektahin sa panahong bibigyan na sila ng authority. Pero hindi pa agarang makapapaningil ng toll fee ang SMC sa Skyway Stage 3 hangga’t hindi pa nabibigyan ng authority to collect ng TRB.

Even with the provisional toll fees, SMC will not be collecting toll fees until the TRB gives full approval. Skyway Stage 3 is currently under evaluation by the TRB. According to the Supplemental Toll Operation Agreement (STOA), tollways should be at least 95% complete before they can start collecting toll fees, whereas Skyway Stage 3 is currently at 97% according to assessments. The days of Skyway Stage 3’s free use are coming to an end, once the approval is given, SMC may start collecting toll fees. According to the TRB, the toll collection equipment is being installed and undergoing testing by Monday, March 29, 2021. The RFID toll collection systems will be tested “to ensure that there are no system glitches or flaws to avoid a repeat of the RFID problems we had in the past.”

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