Race for Frontliners

The outbreak of the ongoing health crisis has sent the world into a “new normal.” The crisis has even affected sporting events across the globe. However, as the world slowly recovered with tighter safety regulations in place for public health and safety, everyone has started to live life in the “new normal.” While contact sports may have not yet returned automotive racing moves forwards with the time and has adopted the internet as its new platform of choice. Despite fans of actual racing events having to wait a little bit longer for these to resume, they can look forward to getting a piece of the action and excitement from virtual races.

Online racing is not a new concept, however, this medium has presented itself as an ideal platform to not only remain safe but to be able to race from the comfort of your own home. With this idea in mind, Tuason Racing School launched its Race For Frontliners racing series. A series of virtual charity races that had the aim to raise funds for COVID-19 frontliners, which was created in partnership with Phoenix Pulse fuels. The four-leg race event over the online sim racing series was able to raise over P200,000 worth of donations.

We are rolling out the future of motorsports in the country, with technology and a passionate fanbase, we can continue to provide this racing experience.

With the success of its charity oriented racing series, Tuason Racing will slowly start to roll out more events that allow racing enthusiasts to scratch their racing itch safely and from the comfort of their own home. As the world has not yet fully recovered from the effects of the still ongoing pandemic the internet may soon play a big role in adapting to helping people adapt to the “new normal.” 

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