Vios Racing Festival

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), is holding the 2019 Vios Racing Festival this Saturday, June 8, 2019 at the Clark International Speedway (CIS). Two events will be held at the track this weekend, a circuit and an autocross challenge. Admission is free and gates open at 9:00 a.m. this Saturday. 

There will also be several categories of racers that will participate in the autocross event, ranging from celebrities, car clubs, Toyota owners, as well as members of the motoring media. Our in-house motorcycle savant, Nico Ylanan, will be representing AutoDeal in the media category. We wish him the best of luck. 

You too can participate in the event yourself, under the Toyota owner category. TMP is extending invites to five lucky winners to represent the brand in the autocross event. The participants will be supplied with their own race-ready Toyota Vios to use at CIS.

It’s the first time that the All-New Vios model will be tested at the racetracks since its debut as a pace car in 2018’s Filinvest leg. We made sure that aside from speed, the Vios is also a built for precision and safety,

Now for the main event, while the autocross challenge does have its fair share of excitement, the circuit promises to be just as exciting if not more. The one-make-race (OMR) Vios race car that debuted last 2018 as a pace car, but now the newest face of the Vios is the face of the 2019 Vios Racing Festival. All Vios race cars are made to exacting specifications. These cars meet the regulations that TMP has set to ensure that the OMR is as skill driven as can be. Support your favorite racers in both events and take the time out of your weekend to experience the Vios cup reborn as the Vios Racing Festival. 

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