It’s no secret that drifting a vehicle is a hard thing to do, not to mention very risky. Believe us, we’ve tried that before. Well, BMW made it look like child’s play when they smashed the world record for the longest drift using the all-new M5.

Driven by BMW instructor Johan Schwartz, he managed to drift the M5 for eight hours straight, which translates to a total distance of 347.2 km. But with a gas-guzzling 600 hp 4.4L BMW Performance TwinPower Turbo V8 under the hood, we can’t help but wonder how did they manage to keep drifting without running out of fuel?

According to today’s rules of Guinness World Records, those attempting to break the record may stop to refuel the car or simply place a larger fuel tank inside. BMW thought that would be “boring.” 

Instead, they used another M5 with a custom-built refuelling system to fill-up the main car's gas tank while in the middle of drifting. This didn’t just allow them to break the world record for the longest drift, it also helped BMW set the record for the longest twin vehicle drift with a total distance of 79.3 km in one hour.

Watch the highlights of the record breaking drift on the video below.

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