BYD solar technology

With its continuous effort in going green, Chinese automaker BYD Co., Ltd. is expanding its electric technology further. The Chinese brand has stepped up its game and goes solar, with hopes to provide a cleaner, more accessible energy.

After introducing Leonardo DiCaprio as its ambassador for green technology, the Chinese carmaker follows up by releasing a video, announcing to the world its solution in slowing down the destruction of the planet – solar power utilization. It serves as both a wake up call and a raise of awareness, not just to the current state of the planet but to this kind of alternative technology that the brand is pioneering.

However, solar energy has long been an alternative means of powering our appliances and is applied in various fields today. The Asian automaker claims that by harnessing the energy of the sun and then storing it to be utilized for EVs, the world may have a second chance – considering that there are millions of cars around the globe.

Of note, the video showcased its electric and hybrid models Tang, Song, Yuan, and the locally-available Qin sports sedan being the leading flagships for this campaign. It also claims that efforts will extend around the globe, with applications in different fields like ground transportation and battery technology. Watch the full video below for yourself.

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