Ford Ranger Raptor

Back in September, Ford Philippines made waves when it announced the Ranger Raptor is arriving in the Asia Pacific region next year. With just a few days left until 2018, the American brand released a teaser trailer of the massive pickup in action.

In this short clip, the Ranger Raptor can be seen tearing an Australian desert apart in one of its driving modes called Baja. Even with its camouflage, we can still see that it will have a new front grille layout and beefy tires.

The term Baja, which roughly translates to ‘going off-road in a large pickup truck’, could’ve stemmed from the timed desert rally championship which started back in 1967. It’s one of the world’s toughest rally series that stretches from 250 to 1000 km, depending on the event/stage. Baja Rally runs through various terrain that pushes both the driver and vehicle to the limits.

Ford has kept tight-lipped on the specs and possible pricing of this pickup truck. What we confirmed though is that the Ranger Raptor will arrive in the Philippines next year, however, Ford Group Philippines hasn't specified the exact date yet. We’ll fill you in with more details as they come in.

Are you excited to see the “meanest and most badass 4x4 pick-up truck on the planet?” We know we are.

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