Kia GT 2018

After its pre-Christmas release of its 3rd video “The Silhouette,” Kia welcomed 2017 with another teaser of the all-new GT.

Dubbed with the title “Attention to detail,” the video shows details that are untouched by the previous teaser, where the clear representation of the car’s red exterior is evidently seen. It ran in-depth shots of the car’s exterior and interior, showcasing a closer inspection of its every feature.

Even more, the video reveals the curved detailing at the car’s rear, as well as its side vents, headlamps, and taillights. While the previous video gave us a picture of how the car will look like in structure, the latest teaser takes us deeper into its interior through the access from its automatic sunroof.

In addition, the video gave a peek under its hood with what may have been a turbocharged engine – just a wild guess. Further details about the 2018 Kia GT remain to be a mystery; what we have right now is merely the icing of the cake. It will make its world debut at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week.  

See the video below:

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