Kia turns its first-ever car plant into a place for making new electric vehicles.

Kia Motors Corporation is changing its first-ever car factory in Gwangmyeong, which started in 1973, to make only electric vehicles (EVs). 

Originally known for producing the Kia Brisa, the Gwangmyeong plant will now be focused on manufacturing the new EV3 compact crossover as part of Hyundai Motor Group's larger plan to stop harming the environment by 2045, aiming to use clean energy like solar power in their car production processes. The South Korean carmaker is really keeping its goal to be a leader in making electric cars with this factory.


The factory will use the latest technology to make cars, including advanced automation processes, data-driven operating systems, and low-carbon production methods to produce vehicles with less pollution. Kia's investment in EV manufacturing technology includes advanced automation processes, data-driven operating systems, and low-carbon production methods. The upgraded Gwangmyeong plant aims to improve production quality, with a huge percentage of products passing quality tests during manufacturing, to meet customer needs from different parts of the world.

Starting next year, as reported by The Korean Herald, Kia is also planning to produce special vehicles designed for autonomous driving and built on an EV platform at its factory in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province. The company is currently in talks with the labor union about building a new factory in the same area to make these purpose-built vehicles (PBVs).

In the Philippines, Kia has already introduced the EV6, an electric vehicle that can travel up to 528 kilometers on one charge, and is a good option for those looking to reduce pollution, as it doesn't emit harmful gases. The EV6 is also comfortable and fun to use, with a big screen for entertainment and navigation, quality sound, nice seats, and a sunroof. 

Considering that more Filipinos are interested in eco-friendly cars, Kia's new EV factory might really affect the local market. With Kia making more electric cars, Filipinos might be looking at more EV6s on Philippine roads soon and have more choices for electric vehicles in the future. If you're considering a Kia vehicle, it's a good and 'aju nice' idea to get a quote soon to explore your options.

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