WATCH: Nissan puts dishwashers into good use with their tests

Dishwashers are one of the greatest inventions of mankind, however, little did we know that it can be used to test the quality of a car. That’s what Nissan did, as they put their Qashqai compact crossover into a dishwasher test in their Cranfield facility in the U.K.

Of course, a 4.3-meter long vehicle won’t fit inside a conventional dishwasher. What they actually did was to spray 24,000 L of water all over the car at all angles, just like what dishwashers do.

They call this the monsoon test; and every vehicle in the Nissan’s global lineup goes through this rigorous process to make sure that their cars are leak-proof.

After the dishwasher test, they also subject their cars to jet washers that operate to up to 150 bar of pressure. These jet washers target the car’s weak areas such as door hinges, seal gaps, handles, among others. To make sure that no water comes in, test engineers are inside the vehicle during the process in order to highlight the weak areas.

The whole process will use up to 30,000 L of water. However, they make sure that no water is wasted by simply filtering the water that was initially used and reuse it for the other vehicles to be tested.

Per test engineer Carl Sandy, these tests make their vehicle meet a global standard to ensure that their customer gets a good product at the end of the day.

To see how the dishwasher test goes, watch the video below:

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