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New information has surfaced this time with regards to Toyota and its new patent for a vehicle. According to a patent trademark application filed by Toyota, it has secured two new nameplates to add to its lineup. These new names are the Toyota BZ and Capstone which were filed for the US market. The patent for these names was filed during the early half of May 2020 and as such information is still scarce. However, we do have our guesses as to what the Japanese brand might have in store for these new nameplates.

Capstone, judging by what it means alone (a stone is fixed on top of something), it could serve as a new higher-end trim-level for newer Toyota models. It is important to note that in the Philippines the Japanese brand still utilizes letters to designate trim-levels. There are some exceptions to this such as the RAV4, however, it is a special case. The Capstone nameplate might end up being the new variant that will be slotted above the Limited trim-level. As to what model or models this will be applied to is still a mystery. It could also be a name for a new vehicle but as to what is anyone’s guess and will probably be a Japanese market model.

2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Japan

Moving on to the Toyota BZ, we know its one letter short from BR-Z but we digress. The nameplate could be applied to the Japanese brand’s Corolla Wagon. The Corolla or also known as the Corolla Altis locally is already being sold as a sedan, sedan hybrid, and as a hatchback in the U.S. Adding a Corolla Wagon into the mix could spice things up for the model in the U.S. as wagons were popular in the country for quite some time. However, a Corolla wagon is actually already on sale in other markets such as Japan and in Europe. There is one catch and it is, it comes with a different name - the Corolla Touring. With that said, signs are pointing to the Corolla Touring being renamed to the BZ for the American market. However, much is still unknown about which vehicles will be getting the new names. Only time will tell as Toyota seems to be on a roll with it still being able to launch new models despite the ongoing pandemic.

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