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Another brand of tire is coming to the Philippines, and if you’re into pedal-powered two-wheelers, then you might be familiar with Maxxis. The Taiwanese company was founded in 1967, and with over 50 years of history under its belt and 170 countries in its client list, the brand is finally here in the Philippines. Capable of manufacturing 1,500,000 tires a day, they’re debuting five tread patterns in sizes that cater to the most common types of motorcycles and scooters in the Philippines. 

The M6161-W, MA-G1, MA-ST, Extramaxx M6233 and M6234 will be part of the initial release of the Maxxis brand this month. 

MAXXIS Tires is more than happy to bring its top-of-the-line products, which highlight safety and performance, to the Philippines, a country that has diverse terrains. Knowing that we can address the specific usage conditions of Filipinos makes us more eager to broaden our local product portfolio. We are confident that our new motorcycle tires are just what Filipino riders need for them to go further,

Each of Maxxis' tires features advanced tread patterns that cater to the needs of riders of small displacement bikes or big displacement bikes – but more on the latter later. The M6161-W launched in the country last March, and the model leads in terms of maneuverability because of its multi-directional tread pattern. The underbone motorcycle tire also features good water dispersion and cornering ability. 

The MA-G1 and MA-ST cater to the scooter enthusiasts. These new treads are ideal for riders who need a tire that adheres well to the urban environment and handles sportier riding with ease. Maxxis touts that these products will remain reliable even at higher speeds. 

The solution-styrene butadiene rubber (S-SBR) is used as a reinforcing agent in the tread pattern. Water dispersion is also designed into the tread, helping to overcome bad weather. These technologies can be found in the Extramaxx M6233 and M6234, with sizing available for bikes of the naked variety or fully-faired variety. For underbone and scooter riders, there are sizes available.

We asked Maxxis Philippines whether there would be other models to follow the launch of these five tread patterns. One of the display bikes, a KTM Duke 790, was equipped with the Maxxis Supermaxx series of tires for big bikes. After the interview, we ascertained a few things: Maxxis PH is introducing the Maxxis brand with an initial product offering that caters to the bigger share of the motorcycle market. Bigger bikes will have to wait until August to be able to get something better than its Extramaxx offerings. 

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