2018 Nissan GT-R Technology and Safety

In the world of performance vehicles, the Nissan GT-R occupies a good number of “best” lists, punching way above its class when it comes to raw numbers and on-track and on-road tests. A combination of mechanical wizardry and application of cutting-edge technology can make cars like the GT-R blur the lines between accessibility and raw performance, creating opportunities for even the newest driver to harness its capabilities.

We gushed over the 2018 Nissan GT-R in our latest review, giving extremely high marks for performance and value for money, even calling it the best performance per peso vehicle on the market today. In this article, we’ll be going in-depth on the technology and safety that the GT-R brings to their lucky owners.

The underpinnings of the Nissan GT-R represent the very best in all-wheel drive (AWD) technology combined with a hard hitting 3.8L twin turbo V6. The high performance AWD configuration can make full use of the high horsepower and torque in the GT-R, ensuring optimum traction and feel in any driving condition. The ability to utilize different modes for the drivetrain, suspension, and traction control allow for three levels of adjustment, all with corresponding modifications to how these systems behave according to Comfort, Normal, and R Mode. Comfort allows the most progressive and refined response from all systems, making the GT-R feel like a car you could use on a daily basis. Normal is a good compromise of some refinement for a bit more performance, perfect for sportier driving. R Mode extracts the most out of the GT-R, combined with the minimum level of electronic aids that will help keep you in check.

The infotainment system is where the GT-R suffers the most, mostly because the system is dated and feels slightly out of place in a vehicle with so much mechanical and technological know-how. Bluetooth and USB ports are the standard fare, and there’s an option for navigation from the dealership. No Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and nifty phone mirroring here, just a basic setup with decent graphics.

Nissan’s custom view feature in every GT-R takes the cake as one of the most comprehensive and interesting systems that we’ve seen in a consumer vehicle in some time. There are a myriad of options and selections that you can make, keeping track on vehicle status, functions, and numbers, making the GT-R a statistician’s best friend.

Additional interior features such as the heated seats, nifty single knob electric seat adjustment, rear camera with parking sensors all around, cruise control, adaptive noise cancellation, and Bose sound system top off a great package.

On the safety front, the 2018 Nissan GT-R offers a complete set of six airbags, combined with ABS with electronic brake force distribution (EBD), drive mode adaptive traction control, and the passive safety that the AWD drivetrain can bring. Things like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, automatic emergency braking, and blind spot monitors are nonexistent.

Much of the safety is dependent on how this car is driven, making full use of the strong brakes and grip to avoid any unfortunate incidents. It also helps that the windows are fairly huge and, when seated in the proper driving position, allow for minimal blind spots that can affect your driving experience. Just like any car, driven smartly and responsibly, you can prevent any accidents from happening in the first place by being proactive and observant, all without the safety technology coming into play in a car like this. Respect the 565 horsepower and 637 Nm of torque, and it will respect you.



3.8 L

Fuel Type



565 hp @ 6,800 rpm




Name Nissan GT-R Premium 3.8 V6 AT
Body Type Coupe
Price ₱8,900,000
Transmission Category Automatic



Economy & Environment


Safety & Security




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