2022 Mitsubishi Xpander first impressions

The Mitsubishi Xpander has been in the local market for quite some time now bringing with it a striking design. With a couple of years already under its belt, Mitsubishi Philippines has decided to give the vehicle a facelift to keep it fresh against its many newly updated competitors. That being said, the Japanese automaker gave us a chance to quickly test drive the vehicle within a private area to see what they have done to update its design, interior, and its ride.

Mitsubishi Xpander exterior

First up is the Xpander’s new exterior. While the vehicle retains a similar shape and appearance to its predecessor, it has grown, it is about 50 mm taller and now longer by about 120 mm. These differences don’t look like much, but compared to the older model, it makes the new one look a little bit taller and slimmer. 

Now, on to the face of the new Xpander, Mitsubishi has given it an updated dynamic shield design. The automaker has changed out its headlights to a new t-shaped design, revised the front bumper, given it a new grille, and has slapped on a new set of 17-inch wheels. At the rear, the Xpander gets a new set of taillights and a revised bumper as well. It is important to note that Mitsubishi has removed the rear fog light from the older model. 

Overall even with its new upgrades, the Mitsubishi MPV still comes with a commanding impression. It looks a little bit slimmer than it was before, but it works well with the new design, and before we forget the Japanese automaker has also increased its ground clearance to 225 mm matching it with the Xpander Cross.

Xpander interior

Mitsubishi didn’t just stop with the exterior of the 2022 Xpander, it gave it a small interior facelift as well. The dashboard in particular now comes with a more horizontal layout with a multi-layer design. This gives the MPV a more premium look and feels to it while still maintaining its competitive price tag. Aside from this, the infotainment system has been changed, and the cup holders have also changed orientation to a more horizontal layout. The air controls have also been upgraded as well which helps give it a more upmarket vibe.

Overall it's a great improvement over its predecessor when it comes to the cabin of the vehicle. Something to take note of is that the seats while still fabric now come with a new design that helps add to the ambiance of the interior. 

Xpander infotainment system

As previously mentioned Mitsubishi has given the new Xpander a new infotainment system which fits in well with its new premium vibe. While the bezels on the touchscreen are rather large it gets the job done. It also comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is a big plus in our books.

Xpander gear shifter

When the new Xpander initially made its global debut it ditched its four-speed automatic and gained a CVT. For this version of the Mitsubishi MPV in the country, it still retains the same gearbox as before. The vehicle still gets the power down promptly and we really couldn’t complain about its power figures. The lack of a CVT is not a bad thing as the four-speed has proven its worth as a fuel-efficient transmission. While we wanted to test the Xpander out with the CVT, if the current system works for Mitsubishi Philippines, then who are we to complain?

Xpander driving

Aside from retaining the old engine and transmission, the Japanese automaker has given the MPV a quick suspension revision. While it isn’t obvious to the naked eye, a quick test drive will reveal that Mitsubishi has given the Xpander a new set of dampers. This might have been to help with the increase in height, but the new addition does give you a more confident inspiring drive. The Mitsubishi MPV now corners with a little more gusto and there is notably less body roll. This observation comes from being able to drive both the old and new models back to back.


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