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The lack of a decent and reliable public transportation is one of the reasons why an individual buys a car. Instead of waiting in line at the MRT and hoping that it won’t have any technical problems, most of us would rather opt to use a car to get to and from our destination. This simple analogy is one of the things that pushed local auto manufacturers to introduce budget cars, such as subcompact hatchbacks, and attractive low downpayment promos. 

With that in mind, we compare the Toyota Wigo and the BYD F0 and see which car have the better specs. Of note, we would be comparing the Toyota Wigo 1.0 G AT and the BYD F0 GL-i AT because these two vehicles are closely matched in terms of engine size, power ratings, and safety features. 


The Wigo takes this category easily due to its P561,000 price tag, P67,000 cheaper than the F0. The price difference is something you need to take note of because the money you saved could be allotted for the car’s monthly amortization or other expenses. In case you’re wondering, the Chinese subcompact hatch is priced at P628,000. However, can the F0 justify its higher price tag or will the Wigo maintain its momentum and claim the second round?


Under the hood, a 1.0L engine powers both vehicles, however the F0 delivers a higher output rating. Based on the spec sheet, the F0 generates 67 hp and 90 Nm of torque while the Wigo produces 65 hp and 85 Nm. The F0 is slightly more powerful and has better pulling power. To make things more interesting, the F0 is mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission while the Wigo has 4-speed automatic. With more number of gears, the F0 can give you better acceleration and fuel economy. Thus, this round goes to the F0.


After the second round, the F0 managed to even up this comparo but the Wigo is looking to make a counter attack through its dimensions. The Japanese subcompact hatch measures 3600mm long, 1620mm wide, and 1520mm tall. The F0, on the other hand, is 3460mm long, 1618mm wide, and 1465mm tall. With these numbers, the Wigo is 140mm longer, 2mm wider, and 55mm taller. This translates to a relatively more spacious interior cabin giving occupants a better head-, elbow-, and leg-room. With that, the Wigo is back on top, leading the comparo with two wins to one.    


Inside, both vehicles almost have the same features. It has power steering, power windows, and manual-type air conditioning. However, the Wigo ups the ante with its navigation ready entertainment system with USB, Apple iPod, AUX, AM/FM, CD/MP3, and Bluetooth capability. It also comes with 4 speakers. Meanwhile, the F0’s entertainment system comes with AM/FM, CD/MP3, AUX, and 2 speakers. Looking at the respective entertainment system of both vehicles, we can say that the Wigo wins this round.

However, the F0 wouldn't just let the Wigo go away with the win. It has a feature that can make up for its simpler entertainment system – the push start button. The push start button replaces the traditional key to get the engine started. With this, we have to give this round for both the Wigo and the F0 as it comes with features that are typically found in higher priced vehicles. Thus, this comparo remains to be in favor of the Wigo with a score of 3-2.

Safety and Technology

In terms of safety, the Wigo and the F0 have driver’s airbag, front passenger’s airbag, ABS (anti-lock brake system), immobilizer, and electronic door locks. However, the F0 is equipped with electronic brake distribution, a safety feature that allowed this vehicle to claim this round.  


Based on the spec sheet, the Wigo and the F0 are evenly matched; thus ending this comparo with a tie. As a review, the Wigo has a lesser price tag and a bigger dimension while the F0 has more power output rating and a push start button. After slugging it out in this comparo, it is you who can decide which is the winner. Will you choose the Wigo or the F0? Whatever your answer may be, these two subcompact hatchbacks can be your new daily transporter.

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