The Toyota Zenix 2024 is a whole new way to experience hybrid.

Since its Philippine debut in 2005, the Innova has often been associated with being a versatile car among Filipinos. The 2024 Innova Zenix carries this heritage into a new era of eco-friendly motoring. 

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2024 Toyota Zenix Hybrid Review
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  • Hybrid option
  • Versatility
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  • Could use a better backup camera
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Available in a striking Pearl White and other color options, the Zenix offers another tempting choice for Filipino families and eco-conscious drivers. Building upon the iconic Innova's legacy, Toyota's 2024 Zenix, is made on the TNGA-C platform, which is a really good advancement from the previous IMV platform. The change to a unibody chassis already guarantees an improved handling and ride quality. 


The Zenix impresses with a good exterior, a really stylish one, a pronounced grille, and LED lighting. The car's unique rear door design is a fresh addition to the Innova lineup, adding to the vehicle's functionality. The rear cargo space is also surprisingly spacious, easily accommodating luggage behind the third row and offering even more room when the second row is folded, which is a good selling point for Filipinos who want to buy family cars. 


The hybrid model even brags special LED DRLs, overfenders, and chrome body accents. Standard features include power-folding side mirrors and LED lighting, further adding to the vehicle's aesthetic appeal.


In terms of measurement, the Zenix measures 4,760 mm in length and 1,850 mm in width, subtly expanding its dimensions for increased interior space. One feature that stands out is its extended 2,850 mm wheelbase, which gives its passengers better stability and more room inside - perfect for family drives! Differing from Innova's RWD layout, the Zenix adopts a front-wheel drive system with a transverse engine placement, aligning its design more with the modern crossovers.


Inside, the Zenix gives you both comfort and as well as modern touch. While facing competition in luxury features from the Hyundai Custo, the Zenix holds its own with welly-made Captain's chairs, air control systems, and useful additions like USB ports and foldable tray tables. The consistent comfort level throughout the vehicle, from the front seats to the third row, caters to a range of passenger needs, guarantees a pleasant experience for both drivers and those being chauffeured.


The Zenix's cabin is a hub of modern tech, featuring a 10.1-inch touchscreen with wireless connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The large touchscreen acts as a central hub for entertainment and navigation. The vehicle also includes automatic climate control for enhanced comfort, keyless entry with push-button start for convenience, and a Data Communication Module integrating the myToyota Connect system. 


The Zenix presents two engine options. The non-hybrid 2.0-liter M20A-FKS engine impresses with 172 hp and 205 Nm torque, which is suitable for drivers prioritizing traditional gasoline power. On the other hand, the M20A-FXS hybrid variant is a combo of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, giving you a substantial total output of 183 hp and 393 Nm torque. The hybrid setup offers a really eco-friendly drive without compromising on power, making it ideal for environmentally conscious users.


The most exciting part, which you could also consider one of the main selling points of the Toyota Zenix, is that it is really fuel efficient! What a way to save on gas prices. The hybrid MPV achieves an impressive 22.3 km/L on highways and a superb 13.7 km/L in city driving, setting a new standard for fuel economy in its class. So, aside from saving the environment, you also get to save your savings from fuel expenses.

While the Zenix has all these impressive features and enhancements, it does face a bit of a challenge in its second-row experience compared to its competitor, the Hyundai Custo. The Zenix's second row, though comfortable with Captain's chairs and adequate amenities, falls a bit short in offering the plush luxuries and advanced options like power adjustments and panoramic roof found in the Custo.

Additionally, the reverse camera on the Zenix could do with some improvement in terms of clarity. But, hey? These points suggest that there's still room for Zenix to grow, right? If you're thinking of getting one for your family, then you should totally do so. Head over to AutoDeal and get a quote for this 2024 Zenix!

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