5-best entry-level premium cars in the Philippines

Car buyers in the Philippines are spoiled for choice as there are many vehicle options to choose from up and down the pricing spectrum. Those who want an affordable vehicle of any kind will be able to find it well below the P2,000,000 mark, while those who want a more luxurious ride can spend millions to get the car they want. There is also the premium segment which is a happy medium between both extremes.

While entry-level premium cars sound like an oxymoron, there are models out there that fit that description. Entry-level may be a little too harsh for some of these cars. Rather, we use the word entry-level loosely, perhaps another way of looking at it is premium-level cars that are all a great value. Without further ado, let's get on with the list. 

Peugeot 2008

This is Peugeot’s take on a compact city car. The 2008 i a subcompact crossover that checks out in terms of premium build quality, a competent and well-mannered drive, and exterior and interior looks that’ll make you do a double take every time. It has a lot of flair to it. The interior is one of its strong points, and if you’re looking for a car that can potentially elicit an emotional response, then the 2008 is a great choice if you want to step it up. 

Mini Cooper 3-Door

MINI has long been one of the staple cars in the premium segment. These subcompact hatchbacks aren’t the most practical, and you’re probably better off buying a crossover if you want something with more space, but what you get by trading up to a MINI Cooper 3-door is endless fun and non-stop good looks all around. There is truly nothing like a MINI Cooper, and if you want the quintessential experience, or rather, the purest expression of a modern MINI, then this is the model to get. 

Mazda CX-60

Mazda’s moving up in the world, and the CX-60 is evidence of the brand’s engineering and design prowess, all laid bare, and all true to its mantras. Jinba Ittai is on full display here, even in crossover form. One of the only rear-drive cars with a straight six motor with a mild-hybrid system. As a crossover, it may not be the best in terms of space and passenger amenities, but it makes for one heck of a car to drive and enjoy for hours on end. 

Nissan Patrol

This is a car that’s not too entry-level. We’d actually classify it as one of the premier offerings in its class. Even with its pedigree, the Patrol is far from overpriced, and a great value all things considered. It’s priced just right, and definitely a worthy consideration for anyone that wants a premium SUV with a reliable brand name behind it. If you’re thinking that this is an alternative to the other full-size premium SUVs in the market, you’d be mostly correct, but for us, this is worthy of being a first choice for those who are looking for a luxury liner of an SUV in their garage. 

Lexus UX

A city-slicker through and through, Lexus’ signature forward-thinking design language and stellar build quality are on full display here. The UX is the entry point in the lineup, and it doesn’t cut corners in terms of quality. A concentrated premium package in subcompact crossover form, the UX can inspire you to drive, and get excited about being behind the wheel. 

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