Christmas Car Accessories

The Christmas season is here, and what better way to show your holiday cheer than to decorate your homes? Why not take things a step further and decorate your car while you’re at it? 

While we don’t recommend that you stuff a tree in your cargo area, there are still a few things that you can do in order to create a festive atmosphere and spread holiday cheer while you drive. Here are five suggestions on how to decorate your vehicle this Christmas. 

Christmas Sock Car

Hang one on your rear-view mirror. You can simply take one from your Christmas tree at home and then hang it. We don’t recommend that you hang a wreath on your mirror, perhaps it’s best if you take a bauble (yes, that’s what Christmas balls are called), and roll with it. 

Either that or you can hang mistletoe and take your car on a date with the wife or the significant other. 

Rudolf the red nose reindeer car

Have you ever seen a car with antlers and a red nose? There is this popular accessory set that people have been getting for their cars, and that is the red nose with antlers. You’re not fooling anybody with that getup on your car, but impersonating Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer is its own brand of funny. 

Just find a nice place to attach it to your door sills, and your car’s grille. The little accessory kit will come with attachment points so you can simply clip and go. Just don’t expect to go through a foggy Christmas eve with that red nose and only that red nose. Turn on your lights! 

Christmas Stuffed toys

Filipinos have a knack for putting stuffed toys at the back of their cars. Heck, some even put these stuffed pieces at the front. While questionable in terms of safety, a few here and there never hurt, especially if placed at the back seat. 

As long as you’re not obstructing your view in any way, then adding a Christmas-themed stuffed toy is fair game. Add one or two in the rear passenger’s seat to keep your rear passengers company during a trip. 

Car Charm

Originating from Japan, you can put a “drift charm” at the back of your car if you’re feeling festive this season. Any charm will do as long as it sways whenever you accelerate or decelerate. While you won’t be doing any drifting, it’s still a cheeky little accessory that can put a smile on your face. 

All you have to do is locate the rear tow hook of your car and hang it at the back. Just make sure that you’re ready to lose that charm should it come off or even get stolen. Make sure that the charm you use is secure, otherwise, it’ll get lost on the highway somewhere. 

Santa Hat Car

If you’re a little averse to putting decorations outside of your car, and if you have a few Santa hats laying around, consider placing them on the headrests of your seats. It’s a little touch that can be seen from the outside of the car. 

Just make sure that the hat fits, otherwise, you might have to get a bigger hat. 

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