Gifts for your car friends

The Christmas season is in full swing and it’s the time of giving. While giving gifts to friends and relatives may seem easy giving gifts to car friends can be a difficult task. For the uninitiated, there are certain things car enthusiasts get excited about aside from car parts and the like. To help you find the ideal give to give your car-loving friend, we have made a list of 10 gift ideas. These range from the affordable all the way to the more expensive side of the pricing spectrum. Either way, your friend will surely appreciate any gift on this list.

detailing kit

First on the list is a detailing kit. While these can be on the expensive side even just microfiber towels and spray-on wax will do the trick. Nothing beats having a clean vehicle and car enthusiasts are sure to appreciate having tools to help keep their precious vehicle clean especially while entering the new year. This will not only keep their vehicle clean on the outside but will also help keep their vehicle clean on the inside. Especially during these trying times having a clean vehicle especially on the inside is important.

pressure washer

If you’re feeling a little bit more generous you can even tandem the detailing kit with a power washer. While yes, it is on the expensive side it can serve as a multi-purpose tool. Aside from helping wash the dirt and grime off your car enthusiast friend’s vehicle it can also serve as a general tool to keep their garage or house clean. When having a clean environment has become paramount a little power washing goes a long way. It’s also fun to watch the dirt and whatever else that has stuck to the car or the ground be washed away by the sheer force of water.

vaccum cleaner

Another aid in helping in the cleaning department that you can gift to your car-loving friend is a vacuum cleaner. This will not only keep their vehicle clean on the inside but also save them from a few trips to the car wash. It’s also a bonus if the vacuum cleaner you give them also comes powered by either a USB or can be powered by a car’s 12volt socket. This not only makes it easier to utilize but also easier to transfer between vehicle to vehicle. 

car cover

If you have a car enthusiast friend who parts their vehicle outside then a car cover is another affordable gift you can give. This will not only shield the vehicle from the rain and bird poop but will also help protect its paint from the harsh rays of the sun. Nothing is more disheartening than seeing a freshly washed car be rained on or worse suddenly have a bird poop on it. This can be especially sad if your friend did all the detailing his or herself for only this to happen. This will be a gift that will surely be appreciated even if they park their cars under a roof as it can also help prevent the build-up of dust.

phone mount

Another affordable gift you can give them is a phone mount. While some vehicles already have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration some do not and may often not have a place to put your phone. Hence gifting a phone mount is a safe option as this can be used on almost any vehicle. Make sure, however, to get the correct type that better suits your car enthusiast’s vehicle. It is important to note that there are three types of phone mounts you can buy. The first is the one where you can attach it to the air vents of the vehicle. The second is the suction cup mount style in which you can mount it either on the dashboard or on the windshield. Last but not least is the suction cup style but with magnets. While similar in style to the previously mentioned suction cup mount, it utilizes magnets to attach the phone to the mount instead of a clamp. This requires a metal chip to be attached to the user’s phone in order for it to work. It’s easier to use, however, repeated bumps could shake off the phone.

flash lights

An affordable option that won’t break the bank as a gift for your car enthusiast friend is a flashlight. This is especially useful for those who like to work on their own vehicles. Not only that but it can also be used in situations out of car use such as in emergencies. When the power goes out this can serve as a beacon of light (pun intended) to help guide your friend through his home. It also works while working on the engine as having a small compact lighting device can help your friend see better in the hot and dark engine bay. 

hydraulic car jack

A home mechanic’s delight is a pair of Jack stands and a car jack. While we do know that all vehicles have a jack as standard right off the dealership floor, these can often be hard to operate. It is important to note that these are effective but getting a better tool to ease the process doesn’t hurt. Getting a bottle jack or alligator jack as a present to your car enthusiast friend will surely be appreciated. Not only will it make lifting their car easier to do, but it will also save them time and energy as these are easier to operate. Make sure to consult with your friend about the weight of their vehicle so you can purchase the correct jack for their car. The same can be said for jack stands as these also come with specific carrying capacities. 


If you’re feeling extra generous this holiday season you can even give your car enthusiast friend a toolset. While these can be expensive, quality tools can go a long way especially since these tools will be used regularly. Getting them an affordable but quality ratchet or wrench set will be greatly appreciated especially for those who love to work on their cars themselves. Even if these tools may seem basic they can go a long way in terms of car maintenance.

Bonus: If you are feeling eleven more generous this festive season then an impact gun is also another great gift to give your car-loving friend. This can also be part of the toolset you give them and will serve as a quick way to remove bolts from their vehicles and will aid in swapping out their wheels quickly. 

garmin dashcamera

Have a car enthusiast friend who loves to go to the track? Why not give them a dashboard camera to help them record their runs. Even if they don’t go to the track often a dashcam can serve as an extra layer of protection for them in the event of a crash outside of the track. It can also help serve as first evidence in car accidents, prevent insurance fraud, capture crimes, record road trip memories, and even record unexpected occurrences. 

car air freshener

An affordable gift that will surely not break the bank and still make your car-loving friends happy is Air Freshener. Nothing beats a great smelling car, it will not only keep your friend happy but those who ride in their vehicle as well. Make sure to ask them first about their preferred scent and brand as there are many options on the market to choose from. It is important to note that there are several kinds of air fresheners to choose from, so ask your friend which one they prefer as there are many options available on the market.

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