5 features to get excited about with the new Ford Explorer

The new Ford Explorer was initially brought into the Philippine market back in early 2021 for a select number of loyal customers and VIPs. Fast-forward to December of that year and the Blue Oval has officially decided to launch the vehicle to the public. The question now arises, what can we expect from the crossover, and what features make it a standout pick in the local automotive market. With that said, we have created a shortlist of features that you should get excited about with the new Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer exterior

One of the first things you will notice with the new Ford Explorer is its new exterior design. While some can consider it just a facelift, it's a little bit more than just that. The front bumper has been redesigned along with its grille and headlights as well. Similar to its predecessor, the new Explorer comes with the best lighting options the automaker can offer in the form of LEDs. 

While the overall shape of the Explorer remains about the same, the rear has been refreshed slightly. It's still the same formula as before but with a few changes to some variables. In this case, the LED taillights have been updated with a new set, the D-pillar has been blacked out, and the rear bumper has been updated as well. 

Overall, the new Ford Explorer, in terms of its exterior design, blends the aspects of the old model and injects new design elements to give it a “new” but familiar look. This may be something that current owners will appreciate with the newer model.

Ford Explorer 2.3-liter ecoboost

While its exterior looks may seem familiar, the new Ford Explorer officially rides on a new chassis. The Blue Oval is built on the new rear-wheel-drive-based CD6 platform, which is why the sole variant in the Philippines is available as an all-wheel drive. Under the hood, the Explorer is still powered by a 2.3-liter Ecoboost gasoline engine, but its power figures have been increased over the previous model. In the last iteration, it produced 270 hp and 408 Nm of torque, this time around the 2.3-liter motor makes 300 hp and 420 Nm of torque, with power being sent to all four wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission. 

While we haven’t gotten time yet with the Explorer, we can confidently say that the new chassis is doing wonders for the crossover. Based on international reports, the vehicle still delivers a comfortable and pliant ride. This is something that you should test out for yourself by taking the Explorer on a quick test drive at a Ford dealership near you.

Ford explorer interior

The exterior of the new Ford Explorer isn’t the only thing that has changed with the crossover. Its interior has also been updated. Its dashboard has been redesigned to now feature a floating infotainment system and it now comes with a large digital display for its gauge cluster. While there are still analog gauges still present in the vehicle, the combination still upholds a premium look and feel. Aside from the dashboard, the seats have also been updated to come with a sportier style to them. The air vents have also been changed to fit a more horizontal look, and the climate controls have been relocated much higher in the dashboard compared to the older model.

Ford Explorer headunit

Staying true to its spot in the premium segment, the new Ford Explorer is equipped with the automaker’s SYNC3 system that is paired with an 8-inch infotainment system. The head unit itself also comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities which are also paired with a 12-speaker B&O sound system. Aside from these features the crossover also retains its 230V power outlet, USB Type-A ports, and USB Type-C ports for your charging needs. 

Ford Explorer gear knob

Another new feature in the Ford Explorer is its gear shifter. While the previous model had the traditional layout, the new model goes for a dial-type gear shifter instead. It may take time to get used to this new feature, but based on our limited experience with the vehicle, it looks like it's a quick learner. While this may be a point of contention for some, it does deliver on giving the crossover a more premium look and feel. After all, much higher-end models do have the dial-type gear shifter and it appears Ford wants to get in on that action. 

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