2020 Nissan 370z Nismo

The 2020 Nissan 370z in its Nismo variant is one of the last of its kind. It delivers a raw driving experience that isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. There are not as many driver aids apart from ABS with EBD and a traction control system. This gives the driver the purest possible to feel when it comes to driving. While it isn’t exactly an all-new model it is new in the Philippines. As we were able to spend some time with the range-topping variant of the – arguably legendary – sports car, here are 5 things we found to be enjoyable about the Nissan 370z Nismo.

Nissan 370z steering wheel

When it comes to proper steering feel and response the 370z still delivers. Despite it being a relatively older model the steering still gives excellent feedback to the driver. It comes nicely weighted although it does lean towards the heavier side of the spectrum. That said, what the suspension and tires are doing translate well into the steering wheel, letting you know what they’re doing at all times. 

While some might view this as a negative point, it benefits the 370z greatly giving it better stability at higher speeds. While maneuvering it around the city may take more effort especially when parking, It does pay dividends when it comes to spirited driving and on stretches of highway or when you choose to take it on track. Overall the steering is well suited for the 370z given that it is an unadulterated sports car. 

Nissan 370z Recaro seats

All variants of the Nissan 370z come with bucket seats, however, the Nismo variant comes with special Recaro seats. While these are on the stiff side especially when it comes to the bolstering on the sides it does a phenomenal job at keeping your in place and while keeping your posture optimal at the same time. The padding is excellent as it does a great job of keeping you comfortable even on long drives. The seats don’t feel taxing at all and gently hold you in position when it comes to spirited driving. Overall despite the minor inconveniences that come with bucket seats, these are a great addition to the 370z and something you should look forward to sitting on once you get the vehicle.

2020 Nissan 370z exterior

While not exactly ideal for those looking for a plush ride, the Nissan 370Z has it where it counts in terms of chassis stiffness. You will feel well connected with the vehicle as it communicates very well with what the suspension and tires are doing. Speaking of tires, it comes with a staggered set with 245s being at the front and 285s at the rear. This lets you put the power down without worrying about power loss. It also adds to the overall grip of the vehicle making sure you have a big contact patch where the rubber meets the road.

Nissan 370z brakes

Given that the Nissan 370z Nismo has well over 330hp under the hood it also comes with a great set of brakes. As the saying goes with great power comes great responsibility and the brakes do deliver on that end. While the brake pedal play is on the short side, the bite is on point making sure that you can come to a stop safely even when coming to a stop from high speed. A gentle push and you will quickly see the speedometer drop making sure you safely come to a stop. The 370z Nismo after all does have big 14-inch discs that could put any regular car’s brake system to shame.

Nissan 370z Nismo

Being the Nismo variant of the 370z it comes with all the goodies that help set it apart from the regular variants. This helps let the vehicle stand out and blend in at the same time. The devil is in the details with this one as the Nismo additions subtly add to the sports car’s look. The addition of the Nismo bumpers and badge let everyone who looks at your car know that you’ve got something special. Not to mention the Nismo exhausts more life into the 3.7-liter naturally-aspirated V6 under the hood.

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