5 ways how to protect your car from thieves besides an alarm

Car thieves have been a long standing problem in society. These people often break into your car and take things of value. Worst case, they drive away with the whole car. Here are 5 ways on how you could protect your car from these trouble-makers, besides having an alarm that is.


Most cars today offer this security feature. The immobilizer is an electronic device that restricts the engine from running without the correct key.  This also prevents the car from being jump started or hot-wired.

Automatic/Speed Sensing Door Locks

This electronic system automatically locks the doors as the car reaches a certain speed from a standstill. We’ve included this feature simply because your car isn’t immune to theft even when on the road. Remember the “Bukas Kotse Gang” which made headlines last year? Having something like this installed should greatly reduce the chances of you falling prey to such schemes.

Use a pedal lock

Another way of securing your car or at least give thieves a hard time is with a pedal lock. This old but reliable mechanical device hooks onto the steering wheel and one of the pedals, preventing it from moving.

Have GPS tracker installed

If your car gets stolen, this feature would help you or the police track the car down. Although this mostly comes as a 3rd party add-on, it shouldn’t hurt (that much) to have a service like this installed if it means getting your car back fast.


Finally, there’s the dashcam. This won’t necessarily ward off thieves but this nifty device could automatically record a video when someone passes by your car and save it. The file can then be used as evidence. As of this writing, dashcams aren’t available as standard but you can get a 3rd party dashcam for around P3,000.

Even with these security features, it doesn’t mean thieves will stop trying to steal your car. Do avoid parking in dimly lit areas, don’t leave important possessions inside, and always observe the area before you leave your car.

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