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A week after the launch of its bestselling car models in the Philippines and the grand opening of its first massive showroom in Pasig, GAC Motor continues to pique the curiosity of the country’s automotive industry. With heightened interest, questions here and there are being asked about China’s fastest growing carmaker. Thanks to the rare opportunity, AutoDeal was able to get an exclusive interview with GAC Motor President Yu Jun who willingly shared all the information that he could give to enlighten the car enthusiasts and buyers from the local car market.

What prompted your entry this year to the Philippines? 

In recent years, the Philippines has entered a stage of rapid economic development and has become one of the emerging markets in the world. Steady economic growth also brings increasing demands for cars among Philippine consumers. The bilateral relations between China and the Philippines are in the best state. Hence, the favorable political and business environment are important factors for our entry into the Philippine market.

What are your expectations for the local automotive industry?

According to the World Economic Outlook Report, the Philippines is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. BMI Research predicts that in the next five years, the vehicle purchase will increase 15% per year on average. Thus, the Philippines will be a potential market to GAC Motor.

Meanwhile, aimed at the characters of Philippine customers, GAC Motor launches 4S (Sales, Spareparts, Service, Survey) that centers to strengthen the after-sales service. Since GAC Motor was founded, we have been striving for internal strength, insisting on quality foremost and forward engineering in order to set a benchmark of quality for Chinese vehicles. We believe that GAC Motor will soon adapt to the Philippine market featured with demands of high quality, cost efficiency and good after-sales service, and gain good sales performance.

What makes GAC Motor different from the other Chinese nameplates?

GAC Motor is an innovation-driven company with quality as its cornerstone. We conquer the market with world-class product quality and high-end manufacturing strength. In recent years, we have continued to pursue supply-side structural reforms. It would be fair to say that GAC Motor is an interpretation of the Quality Plus era. This is what the brand slogan "The Road to Greatness" means and is the basis for our confidence that we will win the favor of consumers around the world.

What gives GAC Motor the competitive edge in this market which is highly dominated by Japanese brands?

The Philippines has a tropical climate that is usually hot and humid, while the terrain is mostly mountainous. The special geographical environment results in extremely strict demand for quality and adaptability of the products. 

In each step of R&D, GAC Motor set the highest standards in its quality control. Each of GAC Motor’s new vehicles must pass CAE Certification, system examination, a complete vehicle test and targeted tests of seven road conditions – intense heat, high humidity, hypothermia, ice and snow, mountain, plateau and dusty environment. All tests are done on 200 cars, and the accumulated endurance mileage reaches 19.8 million kilometers (12.3 million miles). Therefore, we have strong confidence in the competition of our products.

GAC Motor is committed to bringing high-quality with low fuel consumption to Philippine customers so as to create a better life of mobility together with Philippine consumers.

Since the company has been innovating and continuing to grow since its establishment ten years ago, what do you say are your keys to success?

In the past decade, we have remained committed to our 'high-end-focused, quality-first, and innovation-driven' strategy. We aspired to set quality standards for Chinese auto brands by improving R&D, production, sales, and aftersales processes. We have taken a diversified product development approach and tried to meet ever-diversifying market demand with our comprehensive product portfolio. We have actively expanded our overseas network and built a global marketing and service system, marking an important step for us in the face of international competition.

Thanks to the efforts of everyone at GAC Motor, GAC Motor has grown from humble beginnings into an influential role model for high-end Chinese auto brands in the past ten years.

We know that most car companies do not stop developing their current models. Can you share some of the projects that your R&D is working on?

Being “Electric, Smart and Connected” is the future development trend of China's automotive industry. GAC Motor seeks development that is closely bound to the directions of the industry. As an innovation-driven company, we spare no effort in seeking breakthroughs in key technologies to accelerate the construction of a smart, networked ecosystem. Upgrading and technical innovation have been planned for 2022 and beyond to realize Autonomous Driving L4 and Autonomous Driving L5, to meet future mobility needs with AI and autonomous driving technology, and create an enjoyable life of mobility for consumers.

What's your personal favorite among the GAC cars?

I quite enjoy having a road trip with my family in my spare time, therefore GS8 would be a prior choice for self-driving travel enthusiasts like me. With an oversized space for both passengers and storage, this large luxury seven-seat SUV could meet a family’s diverse needs during travel. Its 1.35m large panoramic sunroof is another highlight. I can look up at stars in the sky simply by raising my head. 

GS8’s well-equipped powertrain makes it switchable freely among class-leading six driving modes including “Sand”, “Mud”, “Snow”, “Smart”, “Sports” and “Economy”. Its outstanding maneuverability and off-road performance result in further enhanced driving experience throughout the tour.

What message would you like our audience to remember about GAC Motor?

Our new brand slogan is "The Road to Greatness". It demonstrates GAC Motor's unremitting pursuit of lean, excellent and predominant products as well as our entrepreneurship of daring to dream and to think and our aggressive attitude to keep running.

We have great ambitions as well as an understanding of what our consumers need in today’s world. From product research, design and development, to high-end intelligent manufacturing and all-around marketing services, we uphold state-of-the-art innovation techniques and consistent high-quality standards, to create more enjoyable transportation experiences for consumers.

*This article was written in collaboration with GAC Motor.

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