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Are you looking forward to buying your dream car soon but aren’t quite sure what type to get? The quickest way to filter down your options is to follow the PPQM standards.

But before we dig into the details of the PPQM, let’s discuss first the country’s auto industry. MSN recently published a list of cars to watch out for the years 2016-2019 and most of these are luxury cars. Eco-friendly cars are also becoming more popular these days with its environment-friendly design while basic cars remain the mainstream option for many Filipinos.

So what exactly should you pick? Here’s where PPQM enters the picture, a simple criteria to help you decide what to buy.


To get started, set a price range for the vehicle you want to purchase. Make sure to be realistic with your budget, one that won’t compromise your other more important monthly dues such as rent, school and utilities. Make room for adjustments but not too much, especially if it’s for after-market services or products you could shop separately.

Car prices in the Philippines range from PHP 100,000 to a couple of millions with the former usually for pre-loved vehicles and the latter for luxury cars. Accordingly, get the right car loan solution for your prospect vehicle.


Are you a daily commuter who wants a car just for the purpose of ensuring convenience in going to and from work? If you are, a basic family car is best for you. Or are you a business owner who frequently travels day in and day out to attend meetings and conventions? If you are, you might like to consider a luxury car, which can best show off your status. But whether you’re a regular commuter or entrepreneur, an eco-friendly vehicle is best if you like to shout out your concern for the environment.


When it comes to purchasing a car, your safety is on the line if you fail to choose a vehicle with the best features and specs. Plus, you have to strike a balance between cost and quality, especially on the fuel cost and servicing fees. So before you sign up to a deal, ask about the car’s lifespan and model-specific maintenance necessities.


Think about how the car itself and the cost associated with it can affect your daily and monthly expenses. As a car owner, you need to consider the fees for maintenance checkups and spare parts purchase and availability. Can you fix or learn how to fix any minor issues without needing to call a mechanic? This will save you hundreds, if not thousands of bucks on servicing cost.

The Wrap Up 

Overall, car purchase especially when done with an auto loan needs careful thinking. But with the PPQM criteria and expert help from our Loansolutions PH agents, rest assured that you’re on the right track in finding the car of your dreams, one that’s low-maintenance and is of top-notch quality but is offered at a reasonable cost.

Need a car loan? Loan Solutions can help you out. 

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