autodeal number one leading automotive website in philippines

Based on the insights collected in June 2018 from SimilarWeb, an online competitive intelligence tool for businesses, is officially the number one automotive website in the Philippines. 

Surpassing all the other car-related websites in the country – may it be media publications, blogs or online marketplaces – AutoDeal is now the most visited automotive website in the country with 2.72 million visits last month. Per the statistics gathered, AutoDeal has also generated an industry leading engagement figures with 15.64% bounce rate, 3:10 average time on site, and 3.18 pages viewed per session.

Thanks to its very strong organic search and direct visits, millions of car buyers and car enthusiasts in the Philippines discover AutoDeal’s well-rounded content and onsite functions, enabling them to learn more about their favorite cars, get the latest news in the industry, compare vehicles, find promos and connect with dealers all across the country.

We are very thankful that our hard work these past four years is starting to pay off. Our gratitude flows towards the millions of visitors who frequent our site and social media channels to learn and be informed, and to the thousands of car buyers who believe in the capability of the website in educating them before they make a big decision.

Scott added, “We do our best to create a wide range of consumer tools and intuitive dealer technology that would allow us to ultimately contribute to generating credible automotive-related content as well as leading to more new car sales for the local industry.”

Aside from providing its huge audience with outstanding source of vehicle information and great options of discounts and car promos, the website has transcended into providing in-depth content to its users through videos. With AutoDeal TV on YouTube, the website paves the way for the most engaging form of information to consumers. Since its launch, AutoDeal’s video channel has grown exponentially to encompass 1.5 million monthly video views on YouTube and 500,000 on Facebook.

Given the high quality traffic and consumer-oriented audience, AutoDeal makes the ideal platform to attract new customers on. The website proves to be part of every car buyers journey, from the initial phase of researching for cars to buy, up to the car handover. Also, with its ability of tracking real-world sales conversions, the website adds good commercial value to partners and dealers.

In 2017, there were more than 15,000 confirmed car buyers who completed their car shopping on AutoDeal, validating the website’s claim of ‘Cars Sold, Every day’. This 2018, we aim to wrap up the year with 25,000 cars sold through the site. 

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