Car Buying 101: How to buy a car in the Philippines with AutoDeal

The whole process of buying a brand new car in the Philippines can at times, seem like quite a daunting process. Not only is there a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, but there’s also an abundance of dealers that are all trying to make a sale from you. That's why empowering yourself with information before you enter a showroom can often mean the difference between getting a good deal and getting a bad one.

That’s where comes in. At AutoDeal, you can research on any brand new car, compare prices and specifications, and connect with an official dealership from the comfort of your smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer. 

If you’re looking for a variety of options, you can begin your journey in our Car Guide. The AutoDeal Car Guide lists comprehensive information on every vehicle in the Philippines, including the technical specifications, available colors, and suggested retail prices. You can search for particular brands like Chevrolet, Volkswagen, or Mazda, segregate vehicles according to body type such as Hatchbacks, SUV’s, and Sedans and even enter your approximate budget to help filter the results.

Trying to decide between two or three vehicles? Just line them up in the Car Comparison tool and compare specs like engine horsepower, fuel economy, vehicle size, entertainment system, and price. Don’t worry if you’re not well versed on what all the different measurements and metrics mean. The AutoDeal calculator will help translate the motoring jargon into plain English.

Looking to get the best bang for your buck? Head over to the Promos section where you can find all the latest and greatest special offerings from the country’s leading brands in one place. It'll also explain the offer, with financing details and freebies, and let you know when the offer is expiring.

Once you’re done researching, comparing models and finding promos, you can connect directly with a dealer by clicking on the Get Quote or Inquire buttons, or by filling out the Request a Test Drive form. After that, you will be contacted by a registered sales executive from one of AutoDeal’s partner dealers. 

AutoDeal works directly with top vehicle manufacturers including the likes of Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Subaru, Mazda, and Hyundai or with select partner dealers. The result is that only officially registered sales executives are permitted to respond to customer inquiries. Once you receive the all the info you need, you can save the responses from agents in your own Car Buyers' profile, decide on the best offer, then visit the dealer in person with better peace of mind.

After making an inquiry, the agent you’ve been dealing through AutoDeal can finally meet you face-to-face and help close the final paperwork to get you into the driver's seat of the car of your dreams.

So instead of wasting hours, days, or even months commuting showroom to showroom, just log on to, get a quote, book your test-drive, and experience the joys of Car Buying, Simplified.

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