Honda BR-V Facts

The Honda BR-V gets a facelift for 2019. At a glance, you’d be hard-pressed to figure out what’s different with this refreshed model. Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) has made some notable changes this time around, making this small 7- seater MPV a potential candidate for your next car purchase. Here’s a rundown of everything that is different, and why it makes a big difference.

On the outside, it has a set of new bumpers in the front and rear. Indentations beneath the headlights give this pseudo-SUV a wider appearance. Thin black accents run down the bumper, and the bottom is now angled in a V-shape that makes the lines of the grille parallel to the lines of this part of the front; another slit is added to the grille as well. 

The rear bumper gets a pair of reflectors located in the C-shaped cutouts. DRLs can now be found in the housing of the headlights rather than the bottom of the bumper of the outgoing model. 

BR-V Wheels

The BR-V now comes with a new design for its 16-inch alloy wheels. Both wheels can be found on the V and S CVT variants. 

The 2019 model now still comes with your standard selection of colors from Honda. Taffeta White, Lunar Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, Premium Amber Metallic will all be on offer for the 1.5 S CVT variant. Taffeta White is the exclusive color for the S-variant. 

New for this year are two colors that are V-variant exclusives: Passion Red Pearl and Platinum White Pearl. You have to pay an extra P20,000 on top of the price to avail of Platinum White Pearl. 

Inside the V-CVT variant of the BR-V, is a black and red interior. Instead of a bright red, Honda decided to go with a hybrid of maroon and burgundy. The result is a more elegant, albeit, still youthful-looking interior that is clad in leather. It also helps that the arm rests on the doors are also covered in red to give this small MPV a bit of pop in an otherwise subdued update. The V-variant of the BR-V comes with the steering wheel of the old Civic FD of yesteryear. 

The S-variant has a cloth interior that is lifted from the pre-facelift model. This model comes equipped with the steering wheel of the Honda Brio and Mobilio. 

Honda BRV Infotainment System

New for 2019 is also the Kenwood infotainment system. Fresh from the factory, this new model will come with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto right out of the box. Only the V-CVT variant will get this technology since the S-CVT variant retains the old head unit that prior models have. 

A back-up camera used to be a dealer option, but now it is a standard feature for both the S-CVT and the V-CVT variants. Now, regardless of what variant you choose, a backup camera will be able to assist you in parking. 

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