How to lock and unlock your car's steering wheel

As many car owners know, steering wheels have a locking feature which can be activated and deactivated through a simple mechanism. What it does is it prevents the front wheels from changing direction when no key is inserted into the ignition or when the start-stop button is not operational given the absence of its smart key. While some people use club locks or other theft deterrents, many cars already have these built-in guardians. Before we deliver you the simple process of locking and unlocking your car’s steering wheel, let us first go in a little more detail with its purpose.

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As mentioned, this feature is reinforced in some vehicles for anti-theft purposes. That’s why activating your car’s steering wheel lock will prevent thieves from moving your wheel an inch. So if they manage to start your car, it’ll only drive in a really wide circle. 

Moreover, it also serves as a safety feature that should be activated when you're parked uphill while turning your wheel towards the curb. This reduces the chances of the vehicle from steering down the hill in an event that its parking brake fails. Now that we’ve successfully discussed its benefits, let us now proceed on how you can lock and unlock your car’s steering wheel. 

How to unlock you car's steering wheel

Cars being sold nowaday could either come with a traditional ignition key or a start-stop button that can be operated provided that you have the proximity key with you inside the cabin. We’ve separated the procedures depending on the type of vehicle you have in order for you to have an easier task doing this.

  • Cars with an ignition key - In order to release the wheel, use your left hand to wiggle it left and right applying significant force. At the same time, use your right hand to turn the ignition key from the lock position to the accessory (ACC) or start position. After doing so, your steering wheel’s lock should disengage.
  • Cars with a start-stop button - Unlock the steering wheel by wiggling it with your left hand, applying significant force. At the same time, use your right hand to tap the start-stop button. Remember not to step on the brake as it will start your car. Following these steps will set your ignition in ACC mode and will successfully unlock your steering wheel.
How to lock your car's steering wheel

Now, whether your car is started with an ignition key or with a start-stop button, locking the steering wheel is done with the same process. Just turn off the vehicle and then turn the steering wheel one way or the other. Once you hear it click, that’s the sign that you’ve successfully locked your car’s steering wheel. 

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As your car ages, the steering wheel lock can wear out, break, or even glitch. For vehicles with ignition cylinders, try to spray a good amount of lubricant or use a different key that comes with the car. If the ignition cylinder is worn or broken, replacement might be necessary.

As for those vehicles that have a push-start button, just check if the key fob battery is still good, some vehicles post a low battery reminder while some don’t. Likewise, if you have an extra key fob with you, then you should use that instead. 

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