How to remove fireworks stains

It’s that festive time of the year where firework shows are bound to happen. While these spectacular shows of light are a marvelous sight to see they can be damaging to your cars in more ways than one. Fireworks can leave your car dirty and can even leave it with a couple of stains on its exterior. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to help you properly remove these stains so that you can keep your car’s exterior looking clean and fresh without damaging it.

cleaning a car

One of the most effective ways to get those pesky fireworks stains off your vehicle is by giving it a thorough cleaning via a car wash. A careful car wash can help remove ash residue without causing any damage to your vehicle’s paint job. You will want to lift the stains off and away from your car’s paint to avoid rubbing any unwanted dirt into the paint’s surface. It is important to note that for burn marks a car wash will do little to help with the situation as your vehicle may need to be repainted to fix the issue. If this happens you may want to seek a paint professional or have your vehicle’s paint retouched at your preferred paint shop or go to a professional detailer.

soaping a car

For you to effectively clean your vehicle from any stains that have been caused by fireworks, you will need to start from the top going downwards. In this manner, all the dirt and residue from the fireworks will be brought to the bottom and away from the vehicle. Gravity is your friend after all in this situation as it will help whisk away the dirt from your car’s paint. 

After you have given your car a quick rinse from top to bottom you can now begin the process of soaping it up. Make sure to use a microfiber towel to apply the soap so you can begin the washing process of your vehicle again but while still following the top to bottom rule. While a sponge might be tempting to use in this scenario we highly advise against using it as it can trap dirt and debris that will end up scratching your paint. 

When using the microfiber cloth make sure that you rinse it frequently to help wash off the ash and dirt residue that it might trap. Ideally, you should have two buckets on hand to rinse the microfiber cloth in to help the water stay cleaner. Once you have finished off with the soaping wash your car off again from top to bottom.

applying wax to a car

Now that you have finished with the washing of your vehicle it is now time to apply some wax or other forms of paint protection. This will not only help save you from doing another wash but it will also help protect your paint from any further damage. This can be in the form of other fireworks or from the daily wear and tear that your car’s paint may encounter from normal use.

firework burn marks

One thing a car wash or any other protectant can’t help with is when the fireworks permanently burn or damage your paint. While a car wash can help clean the area up, if the paint has already been burnt through you may want to call your insurance provider for further assistance if this kind of damage is part of your coverage. If not then it’s a good idea to contact a local car paint shop for them to repaint that section of your vehicle. Make sure that you do this with haste as if left untreated the burnt paint area could lead to rust. 

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