OR/CR Ownership Change

Your vehicle’s Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR) both come with a name. The name on these documents indicate who legally owns the vehicle. Serving as the birth certificate of a vehicle, if you do plan on buying someone else’s car, you will need to get the name on the CR, and subsequently, the OR transitioned over to your name. This process could take a bit of time and effort, but it’ll all be worth it as you drive off with a car that is truly yours to call. 

Deed of Sale 

The first document that you need to produce is a deed of sale. Make sure that you get this prepared before you buy the used car with the owner whose name appears on the OR/CR. Both parties must sign this document and it will be addressed to you and lay out the foundations of the sale and serve as the legal document for the transaction. 

Photocopies of IDs and signatures 

Apart from that, you need to have proof of identity with you. That means that you have to have at least three different IDs, preferably a government-issued document. Have three photocopies of these from the seller and then also have them sign it as it will be needed for the transfer process and clearance process. 

Get PNP-HPG clearance 

Now, another thing that you have to do in this case is to get clearance from the PNP-HPG organizations. Prepare these bits of information in order to get this clearance form. 

  • Deed of sale with assumption of mortgage car
  • Vehicle’s OR/CR
  • Cancellation/Release/Assumption of Mortgage (For mortgaged vehicles) 
  • Secretary's Certificate (If the vehicle was a company-owned vehicle)
  • Special Power of Attorney (if the vehicle was sold through another person)
  • Duly accomplished MVIR (To be done by the inspectors) 
  • Cir-91-137: Confirmation of CR/OR (if issued by other LTO Agency)
  • Endorsement from the Insurance Company to the New Owner
  • Your Taxpayer's Identification Number (TIN)

If you can head over to Camp Crame to get your documents filed it could be much better and easier for you, however, if you are looking for a convenient location in order to get clearance, then most LTO offices will have a PNP-HPG satellite office on the premises or off to the side. Seek these satellite offices out so you only have to take one trip. 

LTO office Philippines

Make sure that all your documents are in order before you transact or head over to the transaction window of the LTO district office, and bring the vehicle you will be changing the name of for good measure. 

  • PNP-HPG Clearance Certificate 
  • Original Certificate of Registration (CR)
  • Latest original Official Receipt (OR) 
  • The Original Deed of Sale 
  • Appropriate insurance cover (CTPL)
  • Taxpayer's Identification Number (TIN)
  • Accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report or MVIR

Once all of these documents are filled out and completed, head on over to the appropriate transaction counter of your preferred LTO office. 

Vehicle Inspection

The inspector will then or can reinspect your vehicle once more to check that everything on the document is correct. 

Afterward, you must submit the documents and all other items to the appropriate counter, then the payment for the change of name must be made as well. The evaluator will give you the cost prior to payment. 

Estimated costs: 

  • Legal Research fund P10
  • Transfer of ownership P50
  • Computer fee P159.06
  • Estimated total P229.06

After that, the last step is to simply receive your documents, and then have them photocopied. Usually, there will be some photocopying machines near or in the office, and they can get your documents copied for a nominal fee. Our advice is to get as many copies as your OR/CR as needed plus a few more just in case. It would also be wise to place all these documents in a safe place when storing them at your house. 

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