PWD-friendly vehicles in the Philippines

Filipinos are at heart a family-oriented country, as much as possible we try to make sure everyone gets involved especially during road trips out of town. However, things can get challenging when you have a mobility-challenged family member. With that in mind, we have created a quick list of vehicles available in the Philippines now that are PWD-friendly. 

The vehicles mentioned either come with wide opening doors that add convenience to the ingress and egress of passengers or with a PWD-specific feature that makes it even easier for these individuals to get in and out of the vehicle. Aside from this, the ability of the vehicle to store a wheelchair without impeding into the cabin space will also be considered as it is a vital tool to help bring back mobility to those who are less able. 

2019 Maxus G10 Assist

Taking the top spot on the list is the Maxus G10 as it is the only vehicle in the country that has a PWD assist feature that is ready with the vehicle straight from the showroom floor. Aside from having sliding doors that make ingress and egress from the vehicle a much easier process, the minivan also has an electric-powered seat. 

Maxus G10 PWD assist seat

This is no ordinary electric seat as it can physically exit and enter the vehicle with a press of a button. While it may take some time to exit and then re-enter the vehicle, it’s a smooth process that someone with limited mobility will surely appreciate. It also helps that the seat comes in the form of a captain’s chair with armrests on either side, which helps secure the passenger when the seat is moving. To add to this it can also be used as a secure platform for the person with limited mobility to get onto their wheelchair. Speaking of wheelchairs, the G10 also comes with plenty of room at the rear of the vehicle to store said device even with the third-row seats up. That said, this is an ideal vehicle to get if you have a PWD family member who has limited mobility at a relatively affordable price if it’s equipped with this option. 

2024 Honda CR-V Philippines

While the Honda CR-V does not come with a PWD assistance device as convenient or as complex as what is available in the Maxus G10, it does come with a unique feature that the mobility-challenged will surely appreciate. Being the only crossover to make it onto this list, the CR-V comes with a unique party trick that makes it easier to enter and exit the vehicle. A new generation of CR-V has landed, and it is still as forward-thinking as ever. With an emphasis on comfort, still, the compact crossover still has a few more things to share with its buyers in the name of comfort and convenience. 

Honda has designed the crossover to come with wide-opening rear doors. This allows the doors to open at an almost 90-degree angle giving more room for passengers when they want to exit or enter the vehicle. This is an especially handy feature to have if you have someone with limited mobility who will need all the space possible to quickly transition onto a wheelchair. Similar to the other vehicles on this list, cargo space isn’t a problem as a wheelchair can easily be stowed away at the back of the crossover. This is an ideal choice for those looking to get a PWD-friendly vehicle but do not want to commit to either an MPV or a minivan.

The model that we recommend would either be a five-seater or a seven-seater. In this iteration of the CR-V, the top-spec trim is actually the five-seater in order to make room for the hybrid system that this car now has. Given that, there is no more diesel option in this generation, but what that means is that things will get smoother from here on out, making the car a lot more comfortable when accelerating thanks to its power delivery. 


A similar case to the CR-V, the GAC GN6 doesn’t come with a fancy assist feature for those who are mobility challenged. Instead what it offers is a great amount of space and comfort for those who will be riding in the second row. In fact, this is one of the most comfortable places to be inside the vehicle. While the doors don’t open as wide as other vehicles,  it’s still wide and sturdy enough to act as a platform for the mobility challenged to easily transition to a wheelchair or personal mobility device. 

Even with all occupants accounted for, the GN6 comes with a neat party trick that will make the storage of a wheelchair an easy task. The MPV has a low floor behind the third-row seats which makes loading and unloading of a wheelchair much more convenient process as it does not impede cabin space nor with the view outside the rear window. It also comes with an affordable price tag as well sitting just a little shy of the P1,500,000 mark. 

Toyota Alphard

The Toyota Alphard is an end-game car for many, and with the addition of a hybrid system, the engine not only gets smoother, but it also gets a ton more efficient. Now with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine mated to a series-parallel hybrid system, the Alphard does well to smoothen things out further for its passengers and deliver better efficiency compared to its previous generation. 

On top of the fuel savings, the model will also get exemptions from number coding until 2030, making it a truly everyday vehicle. Ingress and egress is what you'd expect, and any type of passenger will be able to board this land yacht so to speak. Given its low access height, its lush interior, and its accommodating captains' chairs, you will find it to be one of the better models out there for PWDs or otherwise. There is a lot to unpack with this minivan in terms of specifications and features, but the ones that stand out to us include the powered doors, the powered tailgate, the motorized captains' chairs, and also the tried-and-tested chassis and suspension that the nameplate is known for. 

Kia Carnival

The Kia Carnival is certainly a great companion for anyone on the road. Whether you're looking to drive around town or out of town, it promises a comfortable ride backed with PWD-friendly features and space that is rather unmatched by other cars in the Kia lineup. Made to feel accommodating, the model has a low ingress and egress height that makes it exceedingly easy to get in and out. The ease of access is furthered by a set of wide-opening power sliding doors. 

Once in, the interior of the automobile opens up a level of comfort that you might not have thought possible with a Kia vehicle. Captains' chairs not only give you a nice and comfortable perch to sit on, but the ease of moving it around for more leg room or access is also quite remarkable. The seats also recline and also elevate its VIP passengers to help them enjoy the ride, and also, the suspension and the chassis work well together to deliver a bump-free experience even on imperfect concrete. 

Hyundai Staria Premium

If you are in the market for a car that will treat anyone and everyone right, then the Staria has a lot of design features that will keep even some of the more demanding passengers satisfied. Even then, it's an extremely easy car to drive around and also get into, allowing for persons with disability to find comfort. This South Korean van has a lot going for it if you are looking for a comfortable ownership experience riding or driving it. It's a bit on the tall side compared to its relative, the Kia Carnival, but it has largely the same features and design that makes the Carnival so great but in a bigger and taller package.

The model features a taller roof making things a little less claustrophobic in comparison to the Kia. Meanwhile, it adopts a more full-scale van size and appearance but without the shortcomings of that particular segment. Given that most vans have a body-on-frame construction, the Staria is big but unibody, meaning that it is the more comfortable option in comparison to a van. There is a slight bump in terms of access height for passengers, but not as tall compared to the likes of the full-sized vans we have on the list. 

Our pick for PWDs includes the Staria Premium variant which includes power sliding doors, a powered tailgate, and also the beloved captains' chairs that have a lot of adjustability in them. The model is also a nice place to be in, given that Hyundai's use of light tones in its interior helps it live up to the "Premium" in its name. 

Hyundai Stargazer

If budgets are a concern, then you don't have to get the best and brightest models in the segment when Hyundai shines bright enough. The Stargazer is no main character compared to the other models on this list, but for getting the job done, it does so just right. The variant we like to recommend to people who want something a little more comfortable and a bit more appealing to PWDs includes the six-seater option. 

Positioned as a premium option in the lineup, it makes do with a basic pair of captains' chairs. With the access height being a lot lower compared to an SUV, and considering that the model has a better ride compared to its direct competition, it gets a mention on this list.

Perhaps the only thing that could hold this car back is the fact that it has standard rear doors. No sliding access here, unfortunately, but if you're not picky, finding yourself in a captain's chair might ease your complaints. The rear tray tables are also a great feature to have if you like eating on the go or if you need an extra surface to put something on. Given that no other car in the segment has this, it's a good addition to have that gives you or your care-taker a little more utility in the cabin. Apart from that, the features of the Stargazer are pretty basic. You get just enough for a daily driver, but at this price point, we find it hard to complain too much given that Hyundai has done the nameplate just right. On top of that, the safety features in this car punch above its price category, so we're definitely recommending this one. 

Whether it's just you or the entire family, the Peugeot Traveller is a car that you should consider if you need space and you need just enough comfort. Given that it has sliding doors, a wide opening, and tons of room on the inside, it's versatile enough for anyone and it makes for a great people hauler. 

PWD-friendly features on this model include the space, the flexible seating arrangements, the wide doors, the safety systems, and also the fact that the Traveller is also good enough as an eight-seater, but even better as a seven-seater. One less seat means that you get captain's chairs with this one, and the riding and driving experience gets even more comfier than before. Equipped to haul people comfortably, PWDs will find that the Premium seven-seater variant is the one to get as it foregoes the bench seats in favor of a more VIP experience. 

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