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No matter how safe your usual route is, there are instances where you'd whisper to yourself that it isn't your lucky day. We're talking about road-related inconveniences such as road rages, accidents, modus operandi, among others. Although it's our duty to always observe defensive driving, such things are inevitable in nature. This is why having a dashboard camera is your best bet to saving time and resources. 

In a past article, we gave you the five (5) reasons on why you should install a dashboard camera in your car. In this write-up, we thought of something visually informative (and entertaining) to discuss the matter. We scavenged the ever-helpful world wide web to give you a few dash cam videos that went viral over the past few years – and hopefully, encourage you to buy one for your car. 

So, ready some popcorn and find a comfy chair to sit on. A little challenge, though: try not to cringe and laugh with these epic caught-on-dash cam videos. Enjoy! 

Accidents are inevitable; it happens to anyone in all various form. Not to mention, Philippines is home for lots of vehicular accidents. Here, we ask you, what do you do when your car was hit by someone who's willing to just take off and does not give a thing or two about it? Just like this hit-and-run incident involving a motorcycle and a car.

This also applies to accidents that do not involve you. Take this footage as an example. It's about the drivers of a city bus and a delivery truck taunting one another by swerving. People...

People who has nothing good of doing love this, especially when they managed to get themselves a badge. We're talking about enforcers and policemen who are abusing their power to take advantage of any situation. Watch this lengthy video that's so wrong on any angle.

This enforcer, on the other hand, got himself a foreigner victim and forced them to pay a mysterious violation fee of P1,000. *facepalm*

Heavy traffic plus hot weather, then add a few short-tempered people, and you got yourself a scene: road rage. It's so serious that some people paid with their lives when they got involved in one. Always remember that driving requires patience, skills, and a cool head. Let's aim for peaceful Philippine roads, fellows, shall we? Don't look at these guys as role models.

Found a mysterious dent on your bumper and there are no cars near yours? Must be ghosts, huh? Sorry to cut your inner psychic but 10 out of 10 instances aren't because of paranormal activities. Fact: most parking lots don't have active CCTVs – one reason why you should own a dash cam that comes with a parking lot recording feature.

Don't entrust your car to the guards manning the parking lot, as there are tons of cars in there and yours is just a needle in the haystack. Be responsible enough to secure your own car with a dash cam for instances that aren't really paranormal in reality. Take a look at this one... 

People will do everything to get money. Watch how this man pretends to have been hit by the car to get insurance money. We would give him a 9 out of 10 for his acting skills; death-defying indeed for a Jackie Chan wannabe.

Want to see more? This lady from China is a good example of the phrase 'never giving up'. Move aside Rick Astley, this woman never let us down...for having a good laugh.

And just as you thought you've seen the worst, here's something that really failed above all. 

I wish that kid had a dash cam installed on that sleek car of hers...

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