Shifting Gears: Suzuki S-Presso AGS

When the 2023 Suzuki S-Presso AGS launched, there were more than just a few surprises that came with the transmission upgrade. Aside from the fact that it is now available with an automated manual transmission, Suzuki has also “shifted its gears” in a manner of speaking, transforming this car from a basic commuter to a modern small hatchback. 

There is more to it than just a transmission upgrade, as the other additions present the S-Presso now as an even more worthwhile package if the cute and quirky looks weren’t enough to sway you from the start. 

Suzuki S-Presso AGS Gear Selector

Let’s get the most major upgrade out of the way first. AGS, or Auto-Gear Shift is not a traditional automatic box. Instead, it’s still the manual transmission that we’ve all come to love, though with an automated shifting system that promises clutchless operation.

The reason why this development is important is that prior to the update, the S-Presso was only available in a five-speed manual gearbox. Because of that, quite a number of buyers were turned off at the idea of purchasing an S-Presso for city drives and daily commuting, but now there is even less of an excuse to get one, at least for those on the fence. Still, however, Suzuki offers the S-Presso in a manual transmission, so loyalists to the three-pedal movement can still come and enjoy using a clutch. 

Still, however, AGS brings a new level of accessibility to the table. Now, while it may not be the most refined transmission in the world, it’s still a meaningful update to the lineup. 

Suzuki S-Presso AGS Infotainment system

Smartphone pairing apps are quickly becoming non-negotiables, even at the most affordable price points. One way to “instantly” modernize a car would be to do it through the infotainment system. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are two new headlining features in the S-Presso now and if this car will be your first automobile with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, let’s run you through a few capabilities. 

First off, you won’t need to grab a phone holder, all you need is a cable for your phone and you’re on your way. This feature almost totally eliminates the need for a phone holder and a charger in the car, freeing up a vent or a part of the dashboard. 

Once your phone is connected, it automatically adds it to the Bluetooth pairing list of your car for audio and the cable will handle the data transfer in order to project your phone’s apps onto the screen. From there, you may access navigation, music, podcasts, and more through the head unit’s touchscreen. 

As you drive, there is charge that goes through the cable and into your phone, topping it up and making sure that it doesn’t run out of juice while on your journey.

Finally, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay also integrate with your phone’s calling and voice assistant functions, so if you need to reply to a message, or make a call to a loved one, we’re also happy to report that this model comes with an integrated microphone that can pick up your voice clearly. 

Suzuki S-Presso AGS Electronic Stability Program

Affordable cars don’t always come with electronic stability control, but the S-Presso adds another layer of safety for your drive. Stability control will largely go unnoticed until you actually need it. You never know what you will encounter out on the road, so it’s great to see that even if you have a small and affordable car like the S-Presso, driving safety can still be covered if things go awry. 

Electronic stability program intervenes when traction is broken, or in layman’s terms, when a car is sliding and losing control. Stability control will momentarily keep the car tracking straight through the braking system, among a few other things. 

Suzuki S-Presso AGS Auto Start/Stop

It’s no secret that Suzuki cars are among the most frugal out there, and the S-Presso with its 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine is a great option if you want to save a ton of fuel. To further enhance the fuel-sipping experience, Auto Start/Stop is here to help you and your car consume as little fuel as possible. 

The start/stop system in a car as affordable as the S-Presso is rather unheard of, and it’s the most affordable way to get that feature. If it annoys you, you can turn it off, but the feature actually nets meaningful fuel savings in the long run as the engine consumes zero gasoline while keeping some of the car’s interior comfort functions intact like the infotainment and part of the air conditioning systems. 

2023 Suzuki S-Presso AGS White

Suzuki shifted things into high gear with the S-Presso AGS. The auto transmission will allow more people to drive the model without any worry of a third pedal. Automatic is premium, and the S-Presso is finally there. 

Apart from that, the infotainment is also a remarkable upgrade to the previous model. While it’s not revolutionary, it does well to modernize the infotainment experience. 

The electronic stability program will keep you safe, and it’s a great safety addition to the model.

Lastly, the start/stop system will afford you more fuel economy while on your journey, which seeks to extend the already great fuel economy that Suzuki has in the S-Presso. 

So what does this all mean? Simply put, the S-Presso has now graduated from its basic roots, and with a more comprehensive technology package. Now, the model stands as a well-equipped small hatch. All of this results in more reasons to buy the S-Presso and fewer excuses. Suzuki has addressed a bulk of the consumers’ demands in terms of features, and it’s worth checking out, testing out, and perhaps driving home. 

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