Testimonial: Getting your dream SUV through Ford OFW Assist

Two months ago, AutoDeal and the good people at Ford Philippines teamed up to create a brand new online car buying program called Ford OFW Assist. From the start the mandate was clear: to help hundreds of kababayans with a process that had long been described as both confusing and frustrating.

Two months in, and the program is already generating its own success stories.

To recap, Ford OFW Assist is a dedicated service that aims to simplify the car buying process for OFWs. How? Ford combined a dedicated customer support team with a suite of special online features to help navigate OFWs through the process of comparing vehicles, applying for a car loan, and submitting the necessary requirements. OFWs also have the option of arranging a test-drive for their family members as a means to secure a final seal of approval on thier vehicle of choice from husbands, wives, siblings, children, and parents.

Through the program, an OFW will also instantly connect with an official sales representative from one of Ford's many dealers across the Philippines. This enables the vast majority of the initial transaction to be completed before an OFW gets to the luggage carousel at NAIA.

In particular, we heard back from one OFW in particular who recently completed his purchase of a Ford Everest through Ford OFW Assist.

Our customer, Jeffrey, is a seafarer from Nueva Ecija who is responsible for electrical maintenance onboard a cruise ship. Every year he only gets around 30 days to spend at home in the Philippines with his family.

Through Ford OFW Assist, Jeffrey was able to inquire and contact Ford while he was still at sea. From there, he was able to complete his autoloan application and pass the necessary requirements needed through seamless communication across AutoDeal with the team at Ford Cabanatuan. By the time he came home, he was already in the final stages of his purchase, having completed most of the initial phase of the transaction online.

Much like many other prospective car buyers, Jeffrey encountered several problems in the car-buying process ahead of using Ford OFW Assist. In particular, he commented that the published offers and deals from different brands and banks in other mediums were often confusing; but thanks to the comprehensive EastWest Bank financing deals in AutoDeal and the clear upfront information, he was able to easily decide on the terms that best suited his requirements.


When asked why a Ford Everest? He said that aside from it having a reputation of being an excellent midsize 7-seater SUV, he also liked its durable diesel engine and dual-range gearing, as it would enable him to use the car on and off the road. A much needed requirement in his home province.

In addition to that, Jeffrey said that he was able to ride an Everest before and it had left a lasting impression, which ultimately influenced his final decision.

Jeffrey (pictured above) also mentioned that he was given excellent service from Ford Cabanatuan throughout every stage of the transaction.

When asked what he planned to do with his Everest, he stated that he'd use it to ensure quality time with his loved ones during his stay in the country. Jeffrey plans to use his new SUV not only for drives around town, but for longer journeys and vacations.

For more information about this new service from Ford Philippines, visit the Ford OFW Assist section.

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