These car brands were the most-inquired for in 2023

The Philippine car market in 2023 was flooded with inquiries about Toyota, Ford, and Mitsubishi, which brings to mind the top preferences of Filipino car buyers. According to recent data from AutoDeal, Toyota has retained its position as the most inquired-for car brand in the Philippines in 2023. The brand accounted for 27.48% of all car inquiries in 2023, maintaining its long-standing position in the market. Toyota's popular models, like the Vios and Fortuner, possibly contributed to its appeal to the masses across the board. The brand's range is mostly popular for its durability and various options, which can accommodate the needs of several customers.

Toyota Vios

Ford followed with 12.85% of inquiries, drawing attention with its lineup of SUVs and pickup trucks. The Ford Ranger and Everest were particularly popular, offering strong performance as well as versatility. Ford's position in the market can be due to its known features in technology and safety, which may be the preferences of most Filipino consumers looking for durable vehicles.

Ford Ranger

Mitsubishi, in third place, got 10.40% of the inquiries. The Montero Sport and Mirage G4, among others, have been well-received for their performance, efficiency, and value for money. Mitsubishi is known to offer vehicles that fit the practical needs of Filipinos.

Mitsubishi Mirage

Following these top three were Honda and Nissan. Honda's reputation for fuel-efficient cars worked well with Filipino buyers, while Nissan's lineup, including SUVs and sedans, was a good point of inquiry for buyers. Isuzu remained popular, with the brand known for utility vehicles. Hyundai is next on the list, with the brand known for the range of vehicles it offers. Geely is gaining ground with 2.81% of inquiries, which could imply the growing interest in the brand's vehicles. 

MG also makes it on the list with 2.75%, ranking above Kia with 2.65%, and is recognized for both style and quality in its vehicle range. Mazda's reputation for performance and its stylish design has kept it on the list, along with GAC, which comes in at 1.54%.

Chery has 1.07%, while Changan secures 0.83%, on top of Volkswagen, who earned 0.70% of inquiries. Chevrolet, known for its American-style SUVs, receives 0.62% of inquiries, while Foton, with 0.50%, and Maxus, another brand making inroads, has 0.37%. Last to make it on the list, the brand favored for its all-wheel drive system, Subaru, ranked 20th with 0.25%.

Considering the list of the most inquired brands, Toyota remained the go-to for many, with the Vios and Fortuner possibly being the talk that piqued most people's interest. Mitsubishi, third on the list, was close and is also preparing to expand its range with an exciting new crossover during the first quarter of this year. As the industry continues to adjust to the trends and technologies, it will be interesting to see how these preferences change in the current year. Stay tuned for more information regarding these brands.

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