Tips to improve driving backward and reversing

Parking or even reversing a car can be one of the most daunting tasks a new driver can undertake. After all, the car is going in the opposite direction than what you are used to and the controls have been reversed. There is also a whole lot more metal between you and the rear of the car versus you and the front of the car. Your vision will also be impaired due to the rear pillars and you will have to rely on your mirrors for guidance. If your car has a reverse camera and sensors then that's an advantage but you will still have to do the maneuvering yourself. That being said, here are a couple of tips to help you improve your reversing skills. 

car parking

As beginners or even as experts, we all have to start somewhere and this is why you want to hone your skill in a safe environment. This is why practicing in a quiet and safe place is important as you will want to be able to make mistakes without harm to you or to anyone else. It also helps that by having no one around you, you will be able to concentrate more. A good place to practice is in a well-lit parking lot with clear parking lines so it can give you clear spatial awareness and will help you park your car. 

reverse camera

There is no need to rush when reversing your vehicle, it is ok to take it slowly. Reversing slowly will give you the chance to gain your bearings and better place the car where you need it to go. It will also buy you more time to react in case you get too close to the side of something. 

look where you want to go

When reversing, it can be tempting to focus on the steering wheel to help you remember where the wheels are pointed. While it is useful, it's always a good idea to look where you are going as it can help you better place your vehicle inside the parking space. Your brain will automatically work out how much steering you will need to do as you slowly back up your car. Remember that where you look is where your hands will follow.

side mirror

When you are parallel parking a helpful tip to help you see the curb is to adjust your mirrors. This way you can see where your wheels are relative to the curb so you can avoid damaging them. Most modern vehicles will come with power-adjust side mirrors so you can easily do this on the fly or while positioning your car in the last few feet that you need to park. Some cars may even do this automatically which makes parking a breeze. Just remember to re-adjust them back to your driving settings to avoid having to adjust them on the fly.

car reversing

As the saying goes practice makes perfect, so keep on practicing reversing your car. The more confident you are with your vehicle the easier it will be to reverse and park your vehicle. Once you get used to your car the same principles will apply to larger vehicles making parking them a breeze. The point is don’t let minor setbacks affect you and just keep at it. Just remember when practicing always do it in a safe area in order to let you focus on reversing without any other distractions and to ensure you are safe if you make any mistakes. 

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