Tips for maintaining a new car

Properly maintaining your vehicle is an important part of the ownership experience to keep it in top condition. This even applies to new vehicles as it will help ensure your safety, the safety of your passengers, and your fellow drivers on the road. Here are some ways that you can maintain your new car to keep it in top condition. 

vehicle maintenance

Something you can never go wrong with is following your vehicle’s Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) schedule. This ensures that it will be in optimal condition all the time and won’t break down on you at awkward times. While this can initially be costly especially if you are financing your vehicle, as it could cost similar to its monthly payment, it is worth it as it helps prevent further and more serious damage from occurring to your car later on. Skimming through your owner’s manual is another good habit to pick up as it will give you a general idea of what to expect and when to expect more expensive maintenance costs, thus allowing you to better budget your money. 

checking engine oil

A good habit to develop is to check your vehicle’s engine oil. Oil is the lifeblood of your motor as it keeps everything properly lubricated and protected. Checking the oil levels regularly will give you a general idea of the condition of your engine. This can be seen in the color of the oil that sticks to the dipstick. If it’s a dark shade of brown bordering on black then it’s time to get an oil change. A milky color can also indicate that something is wrong with the engine as the engine oil may have mixed in with the coolant.

checking fluids

Aside from checking on the engine oil, you can also check on the other fluids in your vehicle. These include brake fluid, power steering fluid, and even the engine coolant. While the latter option is harder to do while the vehicle is running you can look at the reservoir for a general idea of what’s going on. As for the brake and power steering fluids, you can check their respective containers to see if the fluids are still clean or if they need to be replaced. 

tire pressure

Another good habit to take up is checking your tire pressures. This can even be done when you refuel your vehicle as it is a standard service often offered by gas stations. Checking your tire pressures will ensure that you are running on the correct pressures and can even serve as a way for you to check for any leaks. Having the correct tire pressures will even aid you in getting better fuel economy numbers due to lower rolling resistance. 

car wash

While this may seem like a minor thing to do for your vehicle, it does come with some long-term benefits. Aside from making your vehicle look clean it also helps protect the paint. If you have your vehicle waxed along with the wash it will help create an extra layer against dirt and grime. You can even have the under chassis for another layer of cleanliness. Remember having clean parts not only makes them run smoother but also makes them easier to be worked on in the event of a repair. 

car windshield wipers

An often overlooked part of a car is the windshield wipers. This keeps your vision of the road ahead clear, especially during inclement weather. Just like any other car part, the rubber wiper blades have a finite lifespan. This is why proper maintenance and annual replacements are needed so that you get the best visibility possible while driving in the rain. Wiper blades are easy to find and affordable to replace, that being said it’s a good habit to always have these cleaned whenever you gas up your vehicle. Gasoline stations offer it as a free service so why not take advantage of it. 

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