Headlight retrofits

Headlight retrofits refer to upgrading a vehicle's headlights by replacing the stock or factory headlights with aftermarket components. The aim of this upgrade is to mainly improve the lighting performance, with added aesthetics being a plus. The term retrofit can also refer to the process of modifying or upgrading existing headlights with newer or better technology.

There are several types of headlight retrofits, each with its unique features and benefits. Some of the popular headlight retrofits include the following below.

HID retrofit

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) conversion kits are designed to replace halogen bulbs with xenon bulbs that produce brighter and more efficient lighting. HID kits are an excellent choice for drivers who want to improve their night-time visibility. The conversion process typically involves replacing the stock headlight bulbs, installing ballasts, and upgrading the wiring system.

This is typically the most accessible form of upgrade for those wanting improved night driving visibility. However, it could take time for the HID retrofits to warm up and give the total output they are designed for, especially when using high beams.

LED retrofit

LED (Light Emitting Diode) conversion kits are another popular choice for headlight retrofits. LED lights are more energy-efficient, produce brighter light, and last longer than traditional halogen bulbs. The retrofit process involves replacing the stock headlight bulbs with LED bulbs and installing a new wiring system to accommodate the new bulbs.

They offer none of the drawbacks that HID retrofits have but are typically more expensive, and while they last longer as well, replacement parts are also priced higher for these LED retrofits.

Projector retrofit

Projector headlights are designed to produce a sharp and focused beam of light, which improves visibility and reduces glare for oncoming drivers. Projector headlights use a lens system that focuses the light from the bulb onto a specific area, creating a brighter and more efficient beam of light. The retrofit process involves installing new projector headlights and modifying the wiring system to accommodate the new headlights. 

This is usually done for older vehicles that have reflector-type lighting systems to improve light output. Still, we do suggest going for a full-blown HID or LED retrofit conversion instead.

Halo headlights

Halo headlights are a type of aftermarket headlight that features a ring of light around the main beam of the headlight. The ring of light is typically made of LED or fiber-optic material, adding a unique and modern look to the vehicle. The retrofit process involves installing new halo headlights and modifying the wiring system to accommodate the new headlights. 

This can and is typically used in conjunction with HID or LED retrofit conversions for the full advantage, but by themselves, they only offer aesthetics and nothing more. Do take that into consideration before having your headlights opened.

When it comes to headlight retrofits, it's essential to choose the right type of retrofitting direction for your vehicle. You should also consider the quality of the aftermarket components, the installation process, and the cost of the upgrade. It's recommended to have a professional install your new headlights to ensure proper wiring and alignment.

In conclusion, headlight retrofits offer several benefits to vehicle owners, including improved visibility, better aesthetics, increased safety, and energy efficiency, more so for older vehicles.

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