Any young professional would love to have these in their garage.

Millennials are often a misunderstood bunch as they come from a time that was both before and during the age of computers. They are often perceived as entitled or always looking for instant gratification. More often than not, in a world like today, where information is right at our fingertips and decisions can be made in mere seconds, we take things for granted. That’s beside the point, however. Millennials would be young adults now, as their ages should be pushing the 30s or at the very least late 20s and now consist of a big chunk of the workforce. As young professionals with buying power and with the most love on anything for wheels, they have become the target for automakers all across the globe.

That being said, naturally, those with buying power and the desire to own an automobile already know what they want. With the right research, anyone can choose the car that’s right for them. But, if money was no object and we chose to let our aspirations dictate our automobile choices, we’d be buying some badass cars. I should know, I’m a millennial, too. So here’s my list of cars that a millennial like myself would have in my garage. Take note, however, that P15 million supercars and hypercars are off the list for reasons being that anyone would choose them anyway; we’re here to make a compelling list, not an obvious one.

Honda Civic Type-R 2019

This one hits the nostalgia chord as the Honda Civic Type-R brings back memories of growing up and watching TV shows or movies where the original ‘90s Honda Type-R was a pocket rocket and respected in tuning and racing circles. They were extremely hard to find before Honda officially brought them in after six generations, and even if you found one, they’d have to be converted from the right-hand drive. But the MK5 Type R that we can officially buy now just looks handsomely aggressive. Coupled with a 2.0L turbocharged engine that generates 306 hp and 400 Nm of torque, you’ve got a car that’s not just fast but has four doors and a trunk. Practical.

Now, if the Type-R is out of their budget, the new Honda Civic is ready to answer the call as it now comes with an all turbocharged lineup. Sure it may not have a manual transmission at its disposal, but it comes with more than enough power from its turbo 1.5-liter motor, and it comes with a CVT making traffic a breeze. Not to mention it also comes with a trunk if you want something a little more practical. 

2019 Mazda Miata

You all probably know how the saying goes, “Miata is always the answer.” While it may not be the answer for a growing family, it is for those who want a sporty vehicle in their life. As far as sports cars go, the Mazda Miata/MX-5 is the world’s best-selling. Its perfect weight distribution, balanced chassis, direct steering, and peppy engine make the MX-5 fun to drive; and it’s even better with the top down. It may be small and you’re restricted to two people, but you could always make it work since you’ll find a reason to bring it out of your garage every day. I know I would. We can confidently say that the  ND generation Mazda MX-5 is the best one yet, with even more power. 

Ford Mustang

Muscle cars in the Philippines are a fairly common sight at least compared to the many Japanese city cars you see roaming around the streets. As far as choices for these cars go, however, they are extremely limited in the country. But the Ford Mustang has always been the most attainable from the lot, and the latest iteration is the best one yet. Of course, we’d choose the 5.0L V8 with 460 hp and 570 Nm of torque; that’s naturally aspirated engine goodness right there. Plus it’s a convertible, so you can hear the roar of that active exhaust with ease. Add in cool connectivity features and customizable drive modes, and you have a car that’s just begging to be used every day; we’re assuming fueling up is not an issue here. It’s instantly recognizable and has more than enough oomph for street use. Plus you can kinda fit two more adults in the back if a barkada road trip is in order. Okay, maybe not, but they’ll be dying to ride in it anyway.

Range Rover velar

While the other vehicles on the list are considered cars, this one is a bit different as it is an SUV. The Land Rover Velar is an absolutely gorgeous vehicle to look at, and it’s no surprise that it won the 2018 World Car Design of the Year. It’s everything we love about the Land Rover brand, adding a dash of new technology and style, while still being capable on any road. It has one of the most impressive dashboards and center consoles around, with the buttons and icons only coming to life when the car is started, leaving only a blank, pristine black surface when not in use. 

A myriad of engine choices (2.0L, 3.0L, and a 5.0L supercharged V8) and a number of different trims and options allow you to choose the perfect Velar for you. It’s a head-turner that fits a person working in a busy metropolis, and you can still hit the mountains and camp on the weekends.

Lexus LC500

Back to another two-seater sports car is the Lexus LC 500. It's a concept car that you can buy and drive in real life. Stunningly gorgeous in red with a caramel interior, the LC 500 is Lexus’ flagship coupe. Powered by a 5.0L V8 that’s naturally aspirated, it generates a potent 471 hp and 540 Nm of torque. The interior is sublime and will tempt you to keep driving for days thanks to supportive and extremely comfortable seats. It is a grand tourer, after all. It’s a vehicle that looks better than cars twice its price, and it drives just as well with a powerful engine and a planted chassis. Plus, it has driving modes so you can just choose to waft along in comfort or tighten up everything to attack the next corner. Practical? No, but you do have ISOFIX mounts in the back seats—or you could use that for luggage.

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