What do Kia Owners think of their car?

Kia Philippines has been on a roll recently as it has slowly begun to update and refresh its local lineup of vehicles. The South Korean brand has vehicles in all shapes and sizes that we are sure everyone can appreciate and enjoy. Whether you want a trusty commercial vehicle or an executive family hauler, Kia has a wide selection that will fit your bill.

On our website, we have a feature on our car guides that allow users to review their automobiles. Only verified buyers get to use this feature so even browsing through can net some pretty interesting anecdotes depending on the vehicle that you’re looking at.

With that in mind, we have compiled a handful of reviews from satisfied customers of Kia products in the Philippines. Take note that there’s more to read by visiting our car guides and browsing the content on the page. Some of these reviews were written after six months, and since a lot of shoppers are buying the Kia Stonic and Kia Soluto which are the best sellers of Kia Philippines. It's no wonder why there are so many reviews of these two models.

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, the first month or so of ownership can be a magical experience. The car still smells new, you are still figuring out extra features that the vehicle has, along with the new experiences that come with driving something novel and new. Adapting your car to your new lifestyle is rather fun, and it tends to be a rather novel experience.

Kia Soluto review

First off we will start with one of Kia’s best-selling models with the Kia Soluto. Ms. Solis seems to be enjoying her Soluto, as she finds it very easy to drive. As the Kia sedan was made for the city, it comes with many other features that help enhance its maneuverability, and the light steering feel is just one of them. Aside from this she also cites that the Soluto is good for everyday driving to and from work. It seems that the sedan ticked all the right boxes when it comes to being a great daily commuter vehicle. Solis further continues by stating that “I always enjoy driving with this new car of mine. I like the exterior as well as the interior cabin. No regrets in choosing the Kia Soluto for my first car.” It looks like Kia Philippines found a happy customer for its Soluto sedan, proving why it is one of the best-selling models that the brand currently offers in the Philippines.

Kia Seltos review

Up next is a customer who bought a Kia Seltos EX. Ms. Mupas states that she feels that the Kia Seltos in its EX IVT trim is a real value for money pick. She cites its smooth driving even while tackling twists and turns. Aside from this, she also states that the engine is quiet and a great improvement over her last vehicle which was a Chevrolet Spin. It looks like the Seltos is truly a great crossover to consider especially as it was able to secure 3rd place during our last behind a desk video comparison. 

Kia K2500 review

Now for the commercial vehicle side of things, we take a look at what Kia K2500 owners think about their vehicle. Stan and Lisa Slagle were surprised by the efficiency of Kia’s commercial vehicle in its 4x4 Karga Dual Aircon variant. They found that the vehicle had a great ride even with family members at the back. They also liked the engine and transmission of the K2500 as it provided them with the right amount of power when they needed it the most. Whether this is on an uphill climb, a downhill descent, or just flat running. The Slagle's were so impressed with the K2500 they even state that it is currently the best 4x4 dual-purpose vehicle you can buy on the market. 

Kia Seltos

Backtracking to the Kia Seltos once again, but this time for a six-month review. Owner Francisco Gacal shares his experience with the crossover giving it five stars all around. While there were no other additional comments to the review, we can safely say that Mr. Gacal enjoyed their vehicle and didn’t encounter any problems with it during his six months of ownership.

Kia Stonic

Up next is the Kia Stonic with a six-month review. Since this is another Kia Philippines best-selling model this could prove to be valuable insight for those who also want to get the crossover. Based on the review, Mr. Moratalla seems to be happy with their purchase with the only low rating being with the transparency of additional costs when buying the vehicle. Aside from this, he did praise the staff of the Kia Baliwag dealership for their support and kindness. It looks like Kia has upped its game when it comes to customer service and will gladly make sure that your visit to any of its dealerships is a pleasant experience.

Kia Soluto customer review

Another Kia Soluto buyer shares their six-month experience with their vehicle. Based on their review, Mr. Abrigo seems to be enjoying his South Korean sedan as he has given the vehicle a five-star rating all around. He seems to be happy with his purchase and even states that his experience with the sedan has been good thus far and his expectations for the car were met and more. Many Kia customers seem to be happy with their Soluto purchase, and it's no wonder why this along with the Stonic are the best-selling models that the automaker has to offer in the Philippines. 

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