What we want to see in the all-new Ford Ranger

The latest generation of the Ford Ranger made its global debut back in November of 2021. The Blue Oval has stated that it has reengineered the pickup truck from the bottom up making it as capable and as rugged as ever. It also takes on a new design making it look closer to its bigger brother the Ford F-150. Ford has also listened to its customers gathering their insights on how the pickup truck should ride and drive. With that said, and with the all-new Ranger destined for our shores pretty soon, here are a couple of features we want to see in the upcoming pickup truck.

Ford Ranger action shot

The current Ranger already has a great lineup of engines to choose from. You have the reliable 2.2-liter powerplant found in the lower variants and the 2.0-liter Biturbo motor in the higher-end models such as the Ranger Raptor. While these engine options a great, the new 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel could further enhance the performance of the pickup truck. It also comes with the benefit of further cementing the Ranger as the most powerful pickup truck you can buy in its segment. As transmissions options still vary from market to market, we don’t quite know yet what Ford Philippines will pair with the newest version of the pickup truck.

Ford ranger dashboard

As it is a new model we expect to see a new dashboard design with the upcoming all-new pickup truck. As the press photos have already revealed it will come with a more modern yet rugged and technologically packed interior design. The quality looks to be on point and soft-touch materials also seem to be plentiful with the vehicle especially on the upper part of the dashboard. With that said, we want to see the same dashboard or something similar enter the Philippine market in at least one of its trim levels.

infotainment system

The Ford Ranger locally is known to be one of the most technologically packed pickup trucks you can buy in the market today. With its newer version, this appears to be the case especially when it comes to its large integrated LCD touchscreen which starts from the top of the dashboard and extends to the lower center console. We want to see this exact infotainment system in at least one variant of the Ranger when it enters the market locally.

Ford Ranger USB ports

In keeping with the technology theme, we also want to see more USB ports found inside the vehicle. By USB ports we don’t just mean your standard USB Type-A but we also want to see USB Type-C ports as well. This will make it easier for Apple iPhone users to charge their phones without having to bring their charging cable adapter with them all the time. Having more USB ports will also be beneficial to the rear passengers as they will be able to change without having to extend their cables to the front. It also opens up other possibilities for accessories especially if there is a port that will be available in the bed of the pickup truck.

Ford Ranger Wirless charging

Wireless charging seems to be a new popular feature that has made its way into the latest car releases of automakers. With that in mind, we expect the all-new Ford Ranger to have this feature available at least for its top-of-the-line trim level locally. This eliminates the need for cables and may even open the gates for wireless Apple CarPlay connection.

Ford Ranger instrument cluster

As a final thought, we also want to see the all-digital display that is shown in the press photos of the Ranger. Having this feature in the local version of the Ford pickup truck will further help maintain its image of being a tech-packed vehicle. It will also help make the vehicle more premium further adding to its more upscale yet rugged look.

While the localized specifications of the all-new Ford Ranger are still unknown, it will surely become a hit in the Philippines regardless of whether it comes with these new features or not. After all, the Ranger is a dominant force in the local market especially when it comes to the 4x4 segment. 

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