What repairs does your insurance cover?

There are many things that insurance can cover, as long as you have the right policy—comprehensive policies at least. While a regular compulsory third-party liability (CPTL) policy will help take care of the other guy, you yourself need something more comprehensive to cover your own property. 

However, what is covered? Do repairs count? What kind of repairs? The insurance policy is not a general catch-all type of deal. Getting your money’s worth out of your policy should your car sustain damage is entirely situational, and who’s at fault. 

The basic role of car insurance is to cover the cost of damage or repairs when you get into an accident. However, regular car insurance does not protect your vehicle from any normal wear and tear. This means that the insurance agency will not release any money to your if you want it repaired under these circumstances. The insurance company will only pay for your repairs when it is part of the insurance policy. That being said, here is a quick list of car insurance types and what they will cover.

Car Accident

Collision- or accident-related repairs will be covered provided you have all the add-ons in your policy. If you’re in a vehicular accident with another car or something on the road, and your car sustained damage, then it should be possible for your policy to cover the repair costs. On top of that, the policy can also protect you against acts of vandalism.

That being said, if mechanical damage was sustained due to the accident and not wear and tear, it’s also possible for the policy to accommodate your repair bills. 

Provided your policy has the right add ons, it can cover the repair costs of your car an act of nature damages it. Things like a flood, falling rocks, falling fruit, may be covered by the insurance provided. 

Isuzu D-MAX Engine

Again, this is purely situational. If your car breaks down because of neglect, wear and tear, or normal use, the insurance policy might not cover it unless it comes with a provision for a mechanical breakdown, but even then that will be subject to approval. If the mechanical repair is required because of an accident, then it is covered under your insurance policy. 

That’s where the warranty comes into play here. The car manufacturer warrants your car for a set period of time. During that period, you’ll be able to make a claim in case there are any problems related to the manufacture of the automobile. That being said, consumables like brake pads, fluids, and oils are generally not covered by a warranty, nor an insurance policy. 

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