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Having great visibility when driving around in your vehicle is crucial for you to be safe. This is why your car’s windshield and wiper blades play an important role to give you that constant visibility of the road ahead. With that said, some drivers tend to forget about their wiper blades and the fact that these need to be maintained or replaced regularly. This leads to poorer visibility of the road ahead putting you into a dangerous situation.

With the moody weather we have in our country, it’s important to keep this thin metal part of our vehicle in good condition. With that, here are the three signs that you should consider when you need to get a new pair of windshield wipers. We also squeeze in a few tips to help you in maintaining your wipers, so better read on till the end. 

dirty windshield

One of the most telltale signs that your wiper blades need to be replaced is when they make a squeaking noise while cleaning the windshield. It’s impossible not to notice this annoying sound. It’s like the cleaners are screaming at you to replace them because they are already worn out and tired of doing their job properly anymore. So as a responsible car owner, might as well be sensitive enough and change that nagging wiper as soon as possible.

steaks of water on a windshield

Another sign that your wipers will need to be replaced or to be cleaned is when they leave streaks of water on the windshield while being used. This indicates that their effectiveness has been hindered and that either someone is stuck on the blade itself or it’s time for a replacement. Car wipers should sweep the rainwater off the windscreen effortlessly. If your wipers leave streaking lines on the windshield, then obviously, you should immediately replace them. Usually, streaking happens when the rubber squeegee is either cracked or dry.

When you use car wipers and it produces vibration, that’s actually a signal that you should buy a new one. The vibration will leave radial streaks on the surface of the windshield. This defect may be caused by worn blade linkages or a deformed wiper. Also, once the frame of the wiper is deformed, the contact with the glass will become inconsistent and useless.

cleaning a windshield

Since windshield wipers can be damaged with age, take note that ideally it should be changed every six months to a year, or as soon as you notice the signs (yes, those mentioned above) and its other possible effects in your driving visibility. 

Aside from that, car owners should make it a habit to check the rear wiper, too, as well as the windshield washer pump, nozzle, and fluid.

Additionally, it would also help you to maintain your car wipers by cleaning your windshield every time you gas up, and wiping the blade using hot soapy water and paper towel regularly. These simple things can effectively do the trick of extending the life of wipers until the next replacement period.

Also make sure that your car is parked in shaded area, because it’s common knowledge that the ultraviolet light from the sun can damage the wipers, causing its rubber to dry out. If you can’t avoid parking under the sun, it is recommended that you lift your wipers up before leaving the car. 

Lastly, if there’s mud splashed on your windshield, refrain from cleaning it using the wipers, as this could scratch the glass.

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