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The Toyota Vios has come a long since its first introduction to the Philippine market back in early 2003. It has gone through four generations and has steadily grown in popularity in the country. The Vios has also garnered a following through the transport vehicle service network and is now a common sight on the road. With its still growing popularity, ease of maintenance, and parts availability it's not hard to see why it's one of the most popular vehicles Toyota has in its lineup. With that in mind here is a quick guide for which Vios variant would best suit you.

Toyota vios lineup

The 2020 Toyota Vios can be had in the Philippine market with either a 1.3-liter or a 1.5-liter gasoline engine. Both motor options come with either a 5-speed or CVT. With its wide variant range starting from the base model all the way up to the G Prime the Vios can cater to the varying demands and needs of buyers. Despite having two engine options, the Vios gets an equal amount of safety features as standard across its many trims. 

When it comes to safety all variants of the popular subcompact sedan get airbags right off the bat. The E trim and higher get access to a complete set of airbags consisting of dual front, side, curtain, and driver knee airbags. The Vios even features vehicle stability control, hill-start assists, ABS, and child lock protection as standard for all its variants. All variants also come standard with electric power steering, power windows, power door locks, and other basic conveniences. Aside from that everything else is variant specific depending on which engine you want.

Toyota Vios 1.3 E variant

For the budget-oriented, the 1.3-liter is your go-to engine of choice. It can be had with either a 5-speed manual or a CVT.  The 1.3-liter variants are more plentiful in the Vios lineup coming in with a total of six trim levels. These trim-levels come in the form of the Base, J, XE, XLE, E, and E Prime. The Base variant serves as the entry-level trim is the cheapest Vios you can get in the market. With its more affordable price, the number of features it gets has been trimmed down. With a starting price of P662,000, the subcompact sedan has been stripped of its daytime running lights, front fog lamps, power side mirrors, and the Toyota vehicle security system, as well as wireless door locks. The Base variant also only has power windows for the driver and front passenger.

Going up a tier and you have the 1.3 J MT. which can be had for P688,000. The J is slightly better than the Base and comes with 14-inch steel wheels with a full cap. It also comes with an Optitron gauge meter instead of the lower variant’s analog instrument cluster. 

Going up another tier and you get the XE which is priced at P738,000. It is one of the newer additions to the Vios lineup. At its price point, you now get access to features such as a seven-inch touchscreen, however, the sound is still sent out via a 2-speaker sound system. For those hoping for a manual transmission variant at this price point might want to go up a tier as the XE can only be had with a CVT. 

The newest addition to the Vios 1.3 lineup is the XLE. While you do retain the same features as the XE the newest variant comes with 15-inch wheels, a 4-speaker sound system, power mirrors, Toyota's vehicle security system, and wireless door lock. Pricing for the XLE starts at P791,000 for the manual version and goes all the way up to P841,000 for the CVT.

The E and E Prime variants, on the other hand, give you better access to more features. They both come standard with fog lamps. Just like the other variants these too can be had with a CVT or a 5-speed manual transmission. The E Prime differs from the E variant in terms of the exterior. The Prime variant comes with a body kit while the normal E variant does not. It features a front bumper skirt, rear bumper skirt, side skirt, and a rear spoiler. Just like the other variants under it save for the J, XE, and Base the E also comes with a 4-speaker sound system.

Toyota vios G Prime red road test

If you want a little bit more power under the hood you can opt to go for the 1.5-liter trim-levels of the Vios instead. These come with only two variants the G and G Prime. Not only do these variants come with more powerful motors they also have more features to boot. The 1.5-liter power plant pushes out 106hp and 140 Nm of torque. Since these two are the range-topping trim-levels they both come with bigger 16-inch alloy wheels, halogen projector headlights, LED rear combination lights, leather steering wheel audio controls, daytime running lights, and automatic climate controls. Safety has also been improved as both the G and G Prime now come with an engine immobilizer, a smart entry system, and speed-sensing door locks.

For those who want the G variant is offered with two transmission options a 5-speed manual and a CVT. The manual version starts at P984,000 while the CVT can be had for P1,043,000. While it does go over the P1M mark its features justify its price point. The CVT model comes with a few advantages such as paddle shifters, eco drive mode, and sport mode. 

The G Prime, on the other hand, can only be had with a CVT. It features an exclusive body kit and shares in the same high-end features of the G variant. The G Prime can be had for P1,098,000.

Toyota Vios E prime front clip sliver

Two variants stand out in the Toyota Vios lineup. If you’re on a budget but want to have a good balance of features than the XLE trim is for you. It has the right balance of features for its price tag. It has the same features as the E trim level and can even be upgraded to look like the E Prime variant as Toyota will sell you a body kit for it. 

If you’re one for more power then Vios G trim level is the best bang for your buck. It has all the features you would probably ever want from a Vios and opting for the CVT variant does give you access to paddle shifters. However, if you're one for aesthetics then the G Prime is for you. With all things considered go for whichever trim-level strikes you the most or that your budget can afford.

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