2019 toyota camry asean ncap

Fresh off the grill, the ASEAN NCAP has just released the safety ratings of the 2019 Toyota Camry. It gets an impressive perfect score, five out of five stars, particularly doing well in its adult occupancy protection (AOP) and child occupancy protection (COP). However, there’s an essential catch with the results that came out.

The Camry that the ASEAN NCAP assessed is a Thailand-spec model, which has more safety assist technologies when compared to the variants sold to other Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines.

To recall, the ASEAN NCAP tests now include safety assist technologies in its ratings, to which the Camry was stellar based on the recent results. It has Blind Spot Monitoring System, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, and Forward Collision Warning – features that aren’t present on the Philippine-spec Camry. Regardless, without the extra safety assist technologies, the 2019 Camry got 19.75 out of 25 for this category.

2019 toyota camry

In addition, the Camry still got stunning results to other areas that are standard throughout the region. Frontal and side impact on the head, body, thighs, and feet were deemed as good, while leg protection was scored as adequate. These AOP scores were brought about by the seven airbags equipped inside the car – a full blanket of protection that includes dual front, sides, curtains, and knee airbags. This accounted for a score of 49.04 out of the perfect 50.

On the other, COP saw a score of 22.68 out of 25, getting all greens on the left and right rear passenger placement of child seats. Overall, the 2019 Toyota Camry got 91.47 out of a perfect 100, which is enough for it to gain five stars.

Meanwhile, we have the all-new Camry on our hands right now, so expect its full review pretty soon. 

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