2020 Toyota Hiace

With Toyota’s rumored impending launch of the new 2019 Hiace, which they have neither confirmed nor denied, it seems that the people mover market is stronger than ever. While we have yet to receive any solid info on the 2019 model, we have been picking up on some bits of information on the next generation Hiace that’s set to arrive in 2020.

No longer featuring the traditional cab-over design, this Hiace now sports a traditional hood with the engine in front of the firewall. Based on some renderings going around the internet, what we also see is a totally redesigned front fascia, with upswept headlights similar to the Innova and a multiple slat horizontal grille. While this does look like the base model with blacked out bumpers, we can expect the higher trim levels to sport daytime running lights or foglights, as indicated by the lower compartment cover on the front bumper.

UPDATE2019 Toyota Hiace makes global launch in the Philippines

2020 Toyota Hiace

Our guess for the change in engine placement is pretty obvious; better crash protection for its front occupants to comply with updated safety standards. The tradeoff is a longer wheelbase and body length than the current model, 2,985mm and 4,790mm respectively versus 2,570mm and 4,695mm. However, because the engine takes up more space, interior space has shrunk from 3,000mm to just 2,380mm.

2020 Toyota Hiace

On the inside, the renders show 13 individual seats, each with their own set of headrests and three point seatbelts for maximum safety. Bench seats are done away with, and these individual seats could offer more adjustability for comfort. Up front, the setup is a two seater layout, doing away with the third jump seat between the passengers. The dashboard is a traditional center-focused layout, with new aircon vents and updates to the buttons.

2020 Toyota Hiace

No news on engine specifications and performance numbers just yet, but odds are it’ll carry the mainstay 3.0L turbodiesel mill that’s good for 136 hp and 300 Nm of torque in either automatic or manual transmission. The 2020 Toyota Hiace is set to be announced and released in Japan this year, so we’ll keep an eye out and update you as soon as we learn more.

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