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Isuzu is on a roll as another one of its vehicles gain a 5-star rating from the ASEAN NCAP. First, it was the automaker’s popular pickup truck, the Isuzu D-Max, and now it’s the brand’s 7-seater SUV, the Isuzu mu-X

Originally making its debut back in October of 2020 the next-generation mu-X built upon the success of its predecessor, bringing with it a new design along with new technology and better safety equipment. The testing that was done on the Japanese SUV revealed it was able to get a score of 86.81 out of 100, giving it a 5-star rating. No easy feat as the testing protocols have been changed to be stricter for 2020 models and up. 

2021 Isuzu mux screenshot

Breaking down the results of the testing reveals that it was able to get a score of 42.17 for Adult Occupant Protection (AOP), 22.64 for Child Occupant Protection (COP), and 22.01 for its safety assist technology. Impressive scores especially with the new testing protocols in place. On an important note, the previous generation of the Isuzu mu-X was only able to get a 4-star safety rating, showcasing just how far the vehicle has evolved when it comes to safety. However, there are no photos of an actual mu-X unit being crashed as the ASEAN NCAP only carried over the AOP score of the D-Max to the SUV. 

In the official report, the company states that “For the MU-X’s assessment in 2020, ASEAN NCAP is extending the  AOP result that was tested in January 2020 to the SUV. This is based on the technical evidence provided by Isuzu, which shows the mu-X platform has a similar crashworthiness structure and restraint system as the tested D-Max. The seven-seater SUV is equipped with two airbags as standard fitment together with ABS and ESC across all its variants. SBR for the driver, front, and rear passengers come as standard in Thailand and other available country markets.” 

With that in mind, this now makes the much-anticipated 7-seater diesel SUV one of the safest vehicles available on the market. The big question now is, when will it come to the Philippines? Isuzu Philippines has confirmed that it will be bringing in the new model in 2021, however, with the new taxes imposed on imported vehicles, we could expect a delayed launch to the latter half of the year. 

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